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taylor is a good name

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What do the materials for growth come from?

growth is an increase in the soze of an arganism resulting form the sythesis of food substances int onew materials and new structures.

Where do raw materials that the body needs for growth and repair come from?


What materials are found in a growth plate?

There are a number of materials that are found in the growth plate which is also referred to as physis. The main materials are fats and cartilage.

What are the materials that you need to know about does cigarette smoke effect the growth of plants?

what do i need for my materials to know about cigarette smoke effect the growth of plants

Which materials come from animals?


How can you define organic material from inorganic materials?

inorganic materials is non-biological materials. they are formed due to natural growth.

How does the fetus obtain the materials it needs for growth?

by its health

What types of materials support bacteria growth?


Minerals come from organic materials.?

thanks it was helpful

What provides the body with building materials for growth and repair?


What substance give your body energy and materials for growth?


What substance gives your body energy and materials for growth?

Lipids, as they provide stored energy as well as steroid hormones for growth.

What is organic substance rich in materials that plants need for growth?


What does the sun give of to make new materials for growth?


Where does the materials of pine come from?

They come from the pine tree.

How do animals get the materials they need for the growth stages of the cell cycle?

All animals get the materials from outside the body. They ingest them by eating.

Plants also have a system for BLANK Materials?

what is the answer to which materials come from plants???????????

What are the materials come out from the volcano?

The materials that come out of the valcano are called Lava. Lava is very, very hot molten rocks.

What are two reasons why a cells growth is limited?

Information "overload" and Exchanging Materials

In what part of the plant are new materials made for growth?

it is leaves

What two factors limit cell growth?

exchange of materials and DNA overload

Materials that come from animals?


Where do materials come from?

Ultimately, God.

Do minerals come from organic materials?


Where do the materials for volcanoes that erupt both ways come from?

it is alternating layers of pyroclstic materials