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India - 81% of Indian population are Hindus

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Q: Where do most Hindus live in the world today?
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Where are most Hindus?

Mostly Hindus live in Bharat that is India otherwise they are scattered all over the world being a very enterprising nation.

Where do most Hindus live?

Mostly in india. hindus live mostly everywhere, even in the usa.

Were do most Hindus live?


Who is a responsible Hindu?

Most of the Hindus in the world are responsible Hindus.

What is the panda population today?

today there are about 1000 panda population in the world. most of them live in China.

Where do most christians live in the world today?

Europe is predominantly Christian.

What was the language of the Hindus and the Incas?

The ancient Incas mainly spoke Quechua.Hindu people speak the languages of the countries they live in. Most Hindus live in India.

What modern day country do the hebrews live today?

Today, Jews live in most of the countries of the world. The majority live in Israel and the United States.

In which part of Bangladesh do most Hindus live?


How does yoga help Hindus with religion?

Most of the Hindus do not know what is Yoga but they live according to the spiritual ideas prescribed by Patanjali.

How do most Hindus regard their journey through life?

Hindus of today are different from the earlier Hindus who followed the Sanatana Dharma. Those ancient Hindus regarded their journey of life to be one where they have to attain the goal of Moksha or Liberation. Today's Hindus are as lost as the rest of the world. We believe in many Gods with names and forms. We believe that we will go to heaven and hell, we believe in all the fairy tales like Santa Claus and a God with an elephant head. But most of the Hindus are in this unfortunate situation. There are a few Hindus who still believe in the original Upanishads and the Vedas which tell us we are not the body, we are not the mind, we are the Divine Soul, and to be liberated and united with God is our ultimate goal. This is how they live their life.

What was Hindu challenges they faced?

Conversion is the most severe challenge that Hindus are facing today.

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