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Improvise::: Most FRENCH speaking CANADIANS live in Quebec.

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Which province do most french speaking canadians live?

Most French speaking Canadians live in Quebec. Partly because the official language in Quebec is French.

Where do most french speaking Canadians lived?

Most french-speaking Canadians live in the provinces of Québec and New Brunswick

Where do french speaking canadians live?

Most live in Quebec

In which province do most french-speaking Canadians live?


What is Canada's French Province?

The province where most of the French speaking Canadians live is Quebec.

Where do most french-speaking Canadians live?

The province of Quebec has the highest concentration of French speakers in Canada.

In what part of Canada do most French speaking Canadians live?

In the Quebec and New Brunswick provinces.

Witch province contains the majority of french-speaking canadians?

Quebec has the most French speaking Canadians, there are several French speaking communities outside of Quebec like portage la Prairie in Manitoba, and Acadia in New Brunswick.

Where do most French Canadians live?

Out of the 8.45 million Canadians that reported having French ancestry, about 6 million (71%) live in the province of Quebec.

Where do most french Canadian live?

Most of the French Canadians live in the Provence of Quebec, near the Quebec City and Montreal.

Number of French speaking Canadians?

In Canada, both English and French are the official languages of the country and it is law for one to be bilingual as passed by the Official Languages Act established in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is stated that 98.5% of Canadians speak English of French with 67.5% speaking English Only, 13.3% speaking French only, and 17.7% speaking both languages. Roughly, 30% of the country are French speaking Canadians...this could be approximated at 7 million Canadian French speakers in Canada, with most residing in Quebec.

Were do most French Canadians live?

Quebec because it is the first settelment

Where did most french canadians live in 1791?

They lived Lower Canada

Why are there so many french people in Canada?

Because the Europeans who settled and colonized (some areas of) Canada were mainly from France. This created french-speaking areas that have remained until today. Most French-speaking people you meet in Canada aren't french, they're Canadians. French-speaking, but still very much Canadians. 'Course, if you're French speaking, and looking for another place to live, another french speaking nation would make the transition easier. If you don't speak good english, Canada would be easier than, say Alaska.

Why are most French speaking Canadians Roman Catholics and English speaking Canadians Protestants?

Because though generations, the people followed their parents' religions. French migrants were largely Roman Catholics, while settlers of English origin had a protestant background.

Why do most Canadians speak English?

Most Canadians are descendants of British English speaking people. The Canadians who speak French are descendants of the French who came over to North America and ended up fighting with the Brits over territory and control way back in the 1700s.

Most Canadians live?

Yes, most Canadians do in fact live. -------- Actually no. More Canadians have died than live so most Canadians are dead.

Where do most french speaking people live?


What are the native languages of French Canadians?

French, although most French Canadians speak English pretty well also.

Where are the French-speaking Canadians located?

The vast majority of us are located in the province of Quebec, which is a French-speaking province, primarily, with some English speaking people living there. Montreal is fairly bilingual, however the rest of the province is mainly French only. The second most populated region of French Canadians is in the capital of the province of Manitoba, which is Winnipeg. The French quarter of Winnipeg is called St. Boniface. After that, there are little pockets of French throughout the country, in virtually every province.

What do Canadians talk?

To correct YOU, its "What language do Canadians Speak?" and to answer the question English and French, but french is most spoken in Quebec.

Where do most Canadians and Americans live?

Canadians live in Canada, and Americans live in the United States of America.

Is Canada a French speaking country?

Yes, French is an official language of Canada. -------- No Canada is not a French speaking country. Outside of one province most of Canada speaks English and more Canadians speak Asian languages than French. For much of Canada French is the language of the colonizing Mother County

Where do most Canadians live?

Most canadians live in Toronto and Ontario and some also live within one hundred niles of the USA/Canada border.

Do most CAnadians live in Urban or Rural areas?

Most live in urban

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