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Over 92% of the Australian population are urban dwellers along the east and southeastern quadrant of the continent, ranging from Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts of southern Queensland, down the New South Wales coastline to Victoria and its capital, Melbourne. This is the most fertile region of Australia, with the most flowing rivers. It also includes the capital, Canberra, which has the highest population density of all the states.

Sydney is the most populated city, with Melbourne being the second largest.

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Q: Where do most people in Australia live?
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Do most people live in rural areas or urban areas in Australia?

Most people in Australia live in urban areas.

What best describes where people live in Australia?

Most people live near Sydney, Australia. One out of 7 people in Australia live there. The east coast has most of the people. Very few can live in the interior because there is very little water there.

Why do not a lot of people live in Australia?

Because most of the land is desert, and most people do not want to live in the desert.

How many Australians own a house?

most people in Australia own houses. most people in Australia drive to school or work. most people in Australia live normal lives

Do most people live on the western part of Australia?

No, most people live in the Eastern States, however a large amount of the mining is done in the state of western australia

Why don't a lot of people live in Australia?

Because most of Australia is desert, (or the Outback)

Where in Australia do most Chinese people live?

Melbourne or Sydney.

Why most people in Australia live along the east coast?


Which coast does most of Australia's population live along?

Most of Australia's population live along the eastern coast of Australia.

Do most people live on the southern coast of Australia?

Most Australians are city dwellers on the east coast

What percentage of people live in urban areas in Australia?

89% of people in Australia live in Urban Areas

Where do least of the people in Australia live?

The least people live in the remote areas like Central Australia.

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