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most soccer players come from Germany and England and Brazil


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Cannavaro and Totti are the most popular Italian soccer players

David Beckham and Mia ham are the most known soccer players

soccer players pro soccer players on the field and 11 ladies dancing

yes, most soccer players do get calluses. Its from the friction occurring in the cleat

Mexico has the most soccer players in the world. A close second to them is Brazil, the UK and America.

Players who come through most soccer academies usually develop into world class players.

Most of the Spanish-speaking soccer (football) players in the European league are from Spain. Although there are also many players from Brazil, the native language of that country is Portuguese.

No, most soccer players get about 200 thousand a week

There are probably millions of Muslim soccer players. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world (by population), and is played in most (if not all) Islamic nations.

brazil, france, england, germany... etc futball players can come from anywhere, but these are some of the most famous.

The leather of most soccer cleats come from kangaroo skins The leather of most soccer cleats come from kangaroo skins

This can vary coach to coach. Most Coaches are pervious players so they have already had their light.

the soccer players because Brazil is all about soccer!

Soccer players might have died because they worked themselves to death or they got hurt somehow. Don't really know. Sorry.

Eleven players of a soccer team.

formula 1 drivers, baseball players, basketball players, and soccer players in no particular order but i know that soccer players get the most incentives in contracts of any sport

a match is 90 mins. A manager is allowed 3 subs a game... So three players that started can come out ( or two or one or none ) once they come out they can't come back in. So most players run for 90 minutes a game.

That is true in a way. In the US basketball is more popular than soccer. That is why basketball players are paid more. In other countries, soccer is more popular so soccer players get paid more. Soccer in the US is becoming increasingly popular. Soon soccer players could be paid as much as basketball players.

Brazil SoccerBrazil Soccer TeamFamous players BrazilBrazil FootballBrazil PlayersBrazil BasketballFor the most part the answer is Soccer!

That sport would have to be soccer. all you use in soccer is your knee and its been proven that its most common in soccer players.

man u & Messi are the best. Soccer legend Pele.

Soccer has clearly way more skillful players then AFL. Soccer is the most popular and the best game ever invented. To all the fans of AFL who think AFL is better than soccer just stick to the facts and you will find out which is better. For instance soccer is the most played sport and is also the most watched sport on the Earth.

Soccer, since its the most famous sport in the world. Lots of spectators = Lots of Money.

Soccer players usually aim to the far post from where they are shooting since it is tougher for the keeper.

If you have the right connections or are acquainted with any of them, then of course. Why not.

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