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Ninjas were traditionally born into separate towns that were large groups of ninjas living together in clans. These groups were usually affiliated with a specific nearby leader. These villages are where the younger ninja would be trained at earlier ages through games and at older ages through martial training. Nowadays people who wish to learn the art of the ninja may go to camps or dojos throughout the worlds that teach ninjutsu, or ninpo. The best place to do this would be in Japan as it has been kept to its roots as closely as possible there.

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How do ninjas train?

people or Ninja Masters train them.Its super hard... Ninjas dont always kill or things like that.Thanks for asking this question

What is the name of the movie where a man sword fights with ninjas on a train?

The Hunted

Sentence with the word evasion?

Ninjas train to enhance their skills of evasion

What are some types of martial arts used to train ninjas?

ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu

Did ninjas train teakwondo?

No. The ninja (or Shinobi, as they were traditionally called) practiced the martial art of Ninjutsu.

When and Where did the art of ninjas start And do you enjoy ninjas?

It began in the ghettos of Kobe, Japan, and yes, i do enjoy ninjas! There was no art of Ninjas ninjas didn't exist

What is the origin of ninjas?

Ninjas were originally farmers that were treated unfairly by the Samurai, and war lords. They were not as well train as the Samurai and in a fair fight the farmers would lose, so they did they wait til the Samurai had his back turned to strike.

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Are chameleons better than ninjas?


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Only Awesome Ninjas do!

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Because there ninjas.

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I know that females were ninjas, but it is impossible to know the percentage of ninjas were female.

Why do ninjas on Club Penguin say Search and Cheesecumber and YT?

some ninjas are not peaceful. Ninjas are supposed to be peaceful. some ninjas are mean bye!

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Knights, because ninjas are not actually fighters. Ninjas that fight are myths. Ninjas only fight if they need to defend themselves.

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Ninjas are/were NOT considered to be cannibals. Ninjas were known to be stealthy and fast. Eating people is neither.

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Pirates are jealous of the ninjas' awesome skills and ninjas are jealous of the pirates' awesomeness:)

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NINJAS are better

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They can be and they can't be. Ninjas were mercenaries. They did jobs for money. They did evil things, but not because they were evil. There may have been evil ninjas, but ninjas themselves arent evil.

When were ninjas around?

Ninjas have been around since the days of Noah of the Bible. Ninjas shall always be around.