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Oak trees can live in the forest, the woods , in front of a school, or a garden, or a backyard.

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What do oak trees give us?

Oak trees give us lumber, food and shade. Oak trees can live to be well over 200 years and there are different types of oak trees such as Live Oak, Pin Oak and Sawtooth Oak.

How do oak and pine trees live?

they dont live their trees -.-

Why does live oak have a eagle for the mascot?

A "live oak" is a living Oak tree. Oak trees do not have mascots.

Are live oak trees protected in Texas?

Yes, live oak trees are protected in Texas. Texas was one of the first states to make a law protecting oak trees.

Do oak trees live in Antarctica?

No. No trees grow in Antarctica.

What types of squirrels and birds live in Oak trees?

all of them. They all live in trees

What is the life expectancy of oak trees?

Oak trees given the right conditions can live over 500 years.

Do oak trees live in the swamp?


Where do Japanese beetles live in japan?

they live in big trees that have sweet sap on it such as oak trees they usually found in oak forest or woods at night

Why do pine trees live longer than oak trees?

Pine trees do not normally live longer than oak trees although the Bristlecone Pine is the oldest recorded living tree so this is questionably.

Is oak tree an evergreen tree?

Most oaks are deciduous (leaves die in winter). Some oak trees, such as the Live Oak, the Cork Oak and the Holly Oak (Quercus ilex) are evergreen trees.

What is the best fertilizer for coast live oak trees?

Leaf litter are the best fertilizers for coast live oak trees (Quercus spp).Specifically, live oak trees generally are not needy for fertilizer. What they like is the ground cover of their native habitat. Coast live oak trees live in coastal and sandy soils. That means experiences with leaf litter as a natural, organic fertilizers. Otherwise, live oak trees need no extra fertilizer attention if they grow in grass, lawn or turf that benefits from regular fertilizer treatments.

What plants live in Piedmont Georgia?

Mostly Pine trees, oak trees, and hickory trees

What plants cant live in the tundra?

oak trees

Do oak trees live in the taiga?

No, actually. Oak trees are part of the deciduous forest biome. So are hickory, beech, and maple trees. Hope I helped!!

Do all coast live oak trees have acorns?

yes they all do because i read it in a coast live oak article

Do oak trees and pine trees live in the deciduous forets?

Both oak and pine trees can live in a deciduous forest. All oak trees are considered a deciduous plant. Pine trees are conifers and mostly not deciduous however there are a few genera that are (Larix, Pseudolarix, Glyptostrobus, Metasequoia and Taxodium). (

What animals live in oak trees?

Birds, squirrells, bugs...

In a forest ecosystem oak trees occupy what tropic level?

Oak trees do not live in the tropical rainforest. Because of their relatively low height compared to other jungle trees, they would occupy the understory if they did live in the rainforest.

What animials live in an oak tree?

squirrels and birds. there are some bugs that also live in oak trees, but then the squirrels and birds eat them.

What are some trees in your area over 50 years of age?

Water Oak, Live Oak and Cypress

Do oak trees have conkers?

No oak trees have acorns.

How long do oak trees live?

800 years

How far apart do you plant live oak trees?


Can evil spirit live in tree?

yes but only in oak trees

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