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The Panda is native to China but lives in a much smaller region than they once inhabited. They have been pushed into the mountains of a few provinces scattered in southwestern China. Mostly in the Sichuan Province, and some can be found in the Shaanxi and Gansu provinces as well. They have been found ranging as far as the eastern rim of the Tibetan Plateau. For more details, please see sites listed below.
Pandas are only found in the undisturbed mountain forests of some parts of central China. They do not tolerate humans well, and are most at home in the bamboo forests which provide 99% of their diet. Rather than hibernating as the weather gets cold, they move up and down in elevation to remain comfortable.
Pandas live in mountain ranges in south-central China.

Currently they are confined to six isolated mountain ranges to help boost their population.

The mountain ranges where pandas live in China are:

  • Minshan
  • Qinling
  • Qionglai
  • Liangshan
  • Daxiangling
  • Xiaoxiangling

Historically, according to fossil evidence, pandas lived along southern China, eastern China, northern Myanmar and northern Vietnam. However they have been forced out of these areas due to historic hunting and human expansion. They now reside in the six protected locations above in China.

the panda lives in the forest in china.
Panda bears are native to south central China but many pandas live in zoos in many different areas of the world.
Pandas live in the mountains of China. They live in the bamboo forests considering that 99% of their diet consists of bamboo. Some pandas do live in zoos and conservation areas because pandas are slowly rising on the endangered list. So help save the pandas!!!! If you have any more questions about pandas you can post on my message board.
most pandas live in china
Giant Pandas live in temperate mountainous forests. They love to live in areas surrounded by Bamboo trees. There are now only found in the mountains of Central China.
In the bamboo forests of China.

Or in the zoo or in panda reserves.
A few mountains of eastern China.
Pandas are around China, you know Asian.
Most pandas live in Asia. A big majority of pandas live in China and surrounding areas.

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Do red pandas live with the giant pandas?

No Red Pandas live in North America and Giant Pandas live in Japan or China

On what do pandas live?

Pandas live on the ground in bamboo forests of central China.

Do pandas live in caves?

No, pandas do not live in caves.

Were do little pandas live?

where do red pandas live

Do pandas live in jungles?

no pandas do not live in jungles!

Why is it that most pandas live in china?

Most pandas don't live in China, ALL PANDAS do.

Were do pandas live?

Giant pandas live only in China.

Do pandas live in china?

Yes, pandas live in China

What type of mountains do pandas live in?

pandas do live in mountains

Does pandas live alone?

Pandas actually do live alone

In what part of the rainforests do pandas live?

Pandas do not live in the rainforest.

Do giant pandas live in groups?

No Giant Pandas do not live in groups

Do pandas live on China or an arctic?

No pandas live in central china>

Where pandas live?

pandas live in Yangtze Basin (Heart Of China)

How many pandas can live in a pack?

Pandas don't live in packs.

In which country do pandas live in the wild?

Pandas live nativally in china

Do pandas live in the rainforest?

No, pandas live in temperate bamboo forests.

In what type of habitat do red pandas live?

Red pandas live in an ecosystem where other red pandas live. This is the best answer rated thank you

Where do red pandas live in Sweden?

Red pandas don't live in Sweden. Red pandas live in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

Are pandas oviparous?

Pandas give birth to live young. There are no eggs laid.Pandas are viviparous.

How do pandas live?

Pandas in the wild usually live around 20 but Pandas in the zoo usually live until 35Giant pandas live in the bamboo forests in the mountains of central China. The habitat of the pandas once reached the lowlands, but population expansion and development have narrowed the pandas habitat.

What province do pandas live in?

Pandas live in the Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan Provinces.

Do pandas live in Thailand?

No, giant pandas live naturally only in China.

How do giant pandas find caves in which to live?

Giant pandas do not live in caves.

What homes do pandas live in?

pandas live in trees or in caves in the bamboo Forest

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