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People first feel the ground shaking at the epicenter of an earthquake.

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Q: Where do people first feel the ground shaking during an earthquake?
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What should be done during an earthquake?

If possible get out into the open where nothing can fall on you. If you are in a built up area shelter under something sturdy. The shaking of the ground is not likely to harm you it is falling objects that hurt people during an earthquake.

What is another threat to people during an earthquake besides ground shaking?

Buildings and bridges collapsing, fires as a result of collapse, loss of water and electricity from damage to utilities, etc.

Is it safer below or above the ground during an earthquake?

Above ground. If you are below ground then there is something above you and this may collapse on you. The safest place to be during an earthquake is on the ground out in the open where nothing can fall on you. Earthquakes do not kill many people directly, it is falling buildings that do that.

What does an earthquake look like and feel like?

They don't really look like anything. You will see things shaking, but you can't see an earthquake as such. It is what you feel that is more significant. You will feel everywhere shaking, the ground, the building you may be in. You may hear noises, caused by the objects shaking or what is actually happening underground. It can be very scary for people who have never experienced one.

What is the Mercalli scale?

== The mercalli scale also known as the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale is a measure of the ground shaking from earthquakes. It is based on how people perceive earthquake shaking and/or the damage caused by an earthquake. Modified Mercalli Intensity is measured at individual locations so one earthquake can have many different measures of MMI. MMI is measured on a scale of 1 to 12 (actually Roman numerals) with 1 corresponding to the slightest shaking and 12 reflecting the strongest earthquake. MMI is not the same as earthquake magnitude which is a single measure of the amount of energy released by an earthquake.

What kind of damage after caused by the servere shaking of an earthquake?

The violent shaking causes buildings to fall. It also causes causality loss of the people inside it.

What precautions could people take for an earthquake?

* One should hold his head tightly and sit in a squat position under a table or a chair during a earthquake if he is in home. * One should not panic during an earthquake. * If you are in a car during an earthquake drive to an open ground with no overhead wires,buildings or trees.

What will happen if people choose not to leave during an earthquake?

What happens is that people my die by getting crushed by falling buildings or the ground splitting apart.

What are earthquake hazards?

An example of an earthquake hazard is the violent shaking and buildings falling on people and the fumes from liquefaction being harmful to humans animals.

Who can help during an earthquake?

the people that can help during an earthquake are the coast guard in case there is a tsunami following the earthquake...

What are the primary effects of the San Francisco earthquake?

the first primary effects were : The ground started shaking, things started to light on fire and buildings started to fall down , Crushing people and killing them

How did ancient people of Japan explain earthquakes?

They explained it by saying the ground was shaking.

How do people suffer during earthquake?

Alot of people get hurt during an earthquake becauase their are some buildings that are not strong enough

What were the primary effects of the christchurch earthquake?

building collapsed ,200 injuries,181 people were killed, ground shaking, building are weaken, water and sewage pipe were damaged ,city's buildings were damaged etc.

Can an earthquake cause the world any damage?

An earthquake can definitely cause the world damage. In areas unprepared for earthquakes, it can cause massive damage to buildings and also kill people.

Why where so many people affected by haiti 2010 earthquake?

People in Haiti were affected by the earthquake of 2010 because the structures could not withstand the shifting and shaking.. People did not know what to do, in an earthquake, instead of running outside, they ran inside their homes and buildings.

What are the effects of an earthquake on peoples lives?

It depends on how strong the earthquake is.Some earthquakes can't be felt.Some earthquake simply make the ground shake and could give people a fright.Some earthquake can damage buildings and even make them collapse. These people either get killed or need to look for new homes.some earthquakes can damage the whole city,countryOK what earthquakes can do to people is really hurt them how because an earthquake is caused when the earth's crust shifts and one part of the crust is on top so it causes a shaking for us that shaking moves that spot so if your in California and the earth is shaking then all of the people stuff moves and falls and many people die but remember the earth is huge so when it shakes that shake could travel millions of miles so people die and glass stuff falls on them so its not pretty but they have to take cover and that's the answer

Why don't people on the other side of the Earth from an earthquake experience any shaking?

By the time the waves from an earthquake reach the opposite side of the Earth, much of their energy has dissipated.

What injuries did people suffer from in the Kobe earthquake?

25,000 people were injured during this 20 second earthquake

Could people feel an earthquake if you were in an airplane?

no, if you are not touching the ground, you will not feel it.

What is the name of the scale you measure earthquakes called?

The Marcalli scale measures the intensity of an earthquake according to the effect it has on the ground, buildings, people, and so on.The obsolete scale is the Richter magnitude scale. This scale measures the distance that the ground moves during an earthquake.

Why did people hear a lound rumble before the shaking began in christchurch earthquake?

Because Maoris are chacing a 10c coin

What killed more people the earthquake or the tsunami in japan?

The earthquake killed more people. It killed more people because the earth was shaking and buildings, TV sets, computers and other things might of gone on top of people and animals.

Did we help people in hati during the earthquake?

yes, we do

How can you protect yourself during an earthquake?

you get under the nearest table or desk, keep your head under it, and hold on to the table's legSafety precautions are vital during an earthquake. People can protect themselves by standing under a doorframe or crouching under a table or chair until the shaking stops. They should not go outdoors until the shaking has stopped completely. Even then, people should use extreme caution. A large earthquake may be followed by many smaller quakes, called aftershocks. People should stay clear of walls, windows, and damaged structures, which could crash in an aftershock.