Where do people speak with a British accent?

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There is actually no such thing as a British accent. There is an English accent, a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, or a Welsh accent.  These are generally spoken within their own countries (English in England, Scottish in Scotland, etc.). However, people all over the world may have a breed of a British accent because either they are immigrants themselves or they picked it up from their family. 
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Do people in Salem Massachusetts speak with a Boston accent?

Yes, most of eastern Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire have what is known as a Boston accent. But it's not as thick as most people think. The town of Billerica does have a thick accent though. Sometimes you here the 'r' sometimes you don't.

Is it not rude to not let people non-British people audition for Harry Potter just because they do not have a British accent?

No it isn't rude. Hogwarts is in Scotland which in the the UK. Hogwarts isn't the only wizarding school out there, each country will have their own which means pupils from other countries won't travel to the UK just to go to school. So it isn't about the accent. J.K Rowling only wanted a British ( Full Answer )

Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?

It's a complex issue, not easily explained in print, rather than with vocal examples, but here's a start. Accents show up largely in (1) the rhythms and tempo of speech; (2) voice quality; (3) the "melody" of speech, the musical pitches, a feature known as "intonation." First the matter of intonati ( Full Answer )

How many people speak British English in the world?

Generally, the 50-60 million people of Britain, as well as several million emigrants, are the only speakers of British English, of many variants, in the world. Educated English-speakers in many parts of the world attempt to emulate Received Pronunciation, however very few, for instance in India, can ( Full Answer )

How come Ville Valo speaks such perfect English - with a British accent?

He probably speaks English because most Scandinavian people do, it's still the Lingua Franca. He probably speaks it with a British accent as some of his first exposure to music was with bands like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. HIM also became popular in Britain far before they became known in the U ( Full Answer )

Did people make fun of british accents back in the day in the Usa?

Unlikely. The accents of both the British and the Americans in the early years of America's colonisation were both strongly rhotic , meaning there was an emphasis on the pronunciation of the 'r' wherever it occurred after a vowel, e.g. the word teacher. It was not until later that the British acc ( Full Answer )

Do most people in New Zealand speak British English?

No. Technically, New Zealanders speak New Zealand English, which isclose to, but noticeably different from (at least to Australiansand Kiwis) Australian English. In addition, NZ English contains anumber of Maori loanwords, not found in any other English variant. Only in the broader sense, is British ( Full Answer )

Do british people speak English?

Yes, although it's considered a different dialect than the English spoken in the States. It's usually referred to as "The Queen's English" Honestly i find this question incredibly stupid, of course we do, the main country in britain is england and there called english people (me being one). America ( Full Answer )

Why do posh people talk in a funny accent when they speak?

A: It is not a funny accent so much as it is a clear and proper way of talking that has been taught. Answer: The question is subjective. To "posh" people, so called "common people" speak in a funny accent as well.

Why do british people have accents but Americans don't?

Americans do, in fact, have accents; just not to other Americans from the same area. If you sound different in dialect to someone else, and pronounce words differently than others, then it's likely you have an accent; in this case, everyone in the world has an accent.

Do people in South Africa Speak English or is their accent just weird?

People in South Africa do have their own language....but often speak English as well; although in a strong South African accent.. Answer . By what definition is the South African accent "weird"? Like most accents, the pronunciations in South African English in large part comes from another langu ( Full Answer )

Why do the people in London speak with an accent?

Because everyone speaks with an accent, including you. Accent is simply the way we shape our mouth as we say words, and everyone shapes it one way or another, and everyone sounds different to someone who speaks a different way. but to Americans yes it does sound like an accent.

Why do aliens always speak with a British accent?

They don't. Some science fiction writers and film producers have been of UK origin: H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clark, Gerry Anderson, that might explain it. I think you are probably thinking of the Alien mad scientist (Exeter) from the movie "This Island Earth". It is merely a facade of culture. This is ( Full Answer )

How do you speak in a German accent?

This German accent guide shows you step by step how to do a German accent and has videos of people speaking in a German accent. I honestly think the best way to learn is to watch people speaking it, but read through the how-to first so you know what to listen for. sites.google.com/site/lrnthaccnt ( Full Answer )

How did English-speaking people acquire an American accent?

Oddly enough, they came here with it. American English derives from 17th Century English speech. Within a few generations, English pronunciation had changed significantly in England, but being very conservative like all transplanted linguistic communities, the English in America retained the old pro ( Full Answer )

Do British people speak Latin?

England people don't speak in latin. In old days other contries use to but now none of people speak in Latin. England people only speak in English or American or more but mostlly English and American.

Why do some people in the British Isles speak Gaelic?

Gaelic is the ancient language of Scotland and Ireland. In Scotland, it is still spoken by the inhabitants of the Western Isles, a group of islands off the west coast of Scotland but not many other people in Scotland are able to speak the language. It is more widely used in Ireland, particularly in ( Full Answer )

Do Canadian people speak British?

There is no language called "British" although there are several languages spoken in Britain, Great Britain, or the British Isles. One of those languages is English, and that is the first language of many Canadians.

How many people speak British English and American English?

It is all the same English where ever you go, the difference is the pronunciation and dialects, eg: Canada is vastly different from Australia and New Zealand, then the way the Scots speak English is different again from the people in London England. The USA has sthe most differences in every state t ( Full Answer )

How do you speak with a 'Brooklyn accent'?

Here are some tips: . replace the letter "o" with "aw" . so 'chocolate' is now 'chawcolate" . don't pronounce the "g" sound at the end of words . so 'doing' is 'doin' . don't pronounce the 'r' sound at the end of words . so 'here' is 'hea'

How do you speak with an Israeli accent?

Well Modern Hebrew is basically Spanish Hebrew with a Yiddish/Central European accent. -In Modern Hebrew the R can be pronounced as the guttural back of the throat French R (although it can also be trilled as in Spanish or Arabic). -Although Biblical Hebrew had the "th" sound, Modern Hebrew does ( Full Answer )

Do British people make fun of Americans in American accents?

Yes, as there are people everywhere that immitate countrys accents and make fun of them. Answer The British have a long history of poking fun at almost everything. For an allegedly pompous race they have a remarkable sense of humour, much funnier than American slapstick. The British, unlike Amer ( Full Answer )

Can British People Fake An American Accent?

Of course. There are certain languages that make a person more adequate to do other languages accents but yes they can. Take the example of Hugh Laurie. He is the actor that plays Dr. House in the homonym show. He's British. You can also check his British accent in the Stuart Little movies. He plays ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to speak British in a Chinese accent?

If a Chinese speaker learned English from British teachers, an American might listen to him/her and hear some elements of British mixed with some elements of a Chinese accent. If a Chinese (or Mexican, or Russian) learned English from American teachers and then spoke to a Brit, the Birt would likely ( Full Answer )

Why do British people think Americans have accents?

Americans do have accents, British people do have accents. When one has a different way of speaking than another then it is noticed. When a British person hears an American person speaking, the American does have an accent to the Brit. Answer Everyone has an accent! That's how British people ( Full Answer )

Why do people in the British Isles speak Gaelic?

Gaelic is the ancient language of scotland and ireland. In scotland it is still spoken by the inhabitants of western isles, a group of islands of west coast of scotland and in the highlands. Gaelic was brought to Scotland by the Irish settlers. Gaelic was, and still is, the first language of Ireland ( Full Answer )

Do British people think in a British accent?

Well what nationality are you? do you think in your accent? Ifso, you've already answered your own question. . +++ . -) Not just accent - local dialect, too!

How many people speak British Sign Language?

Its estinmated about 673,000 are severely or profoundly deaf;420,000 of them cannot hear well enough to use a voice telephone its estimated over 100 thousand The numbers are not accurate. However, it's expected that in excessof 70, 000 use sign formally and there are many that are users thathave not ( Full Answer )

How did the British get their accents?

There are hundreds of British accents and they originated where people lived and worked. Before WW2 in Britain,people did not move around a lot and many local dialects and accents thrived and still existed in rural areas into the 1970's.

Are british people born with accents?

we're born making baby noises that resemble the sounds around us, when we start to make longer sounds that resemble words and also resemble details of pronunciation that we've heard and the accent begins.

Why do people in London speak English with an accent?

A given language, such as English, tends to develop regional accents because of a phenomenon formally known as linguistic drift. People talk to other people in their vicinity much more than they talk to more distant people. Small changes enter a language at random, or because someone thinks it is ea ( Full Answer )

Do nuns speak with a British accent?

If the nun is British, she probably will have a British accent. Ifshe's German, she'll probably have a German accent.