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Q: Where do plankton fit into the food web?
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What is a plankton role on a food web?

They are producers.

What are producers in an ocean food web?


Sea urchin food web?

they eat plankton

Is zoo plankton a consumer in the food web?

Zoo plankton eat only algae and bacteria.

What role do ocean plankton play in the food web?

they play as food for whales

Asian carp food web?

Asian carp's food web involves plankton-algae, and other microscopic organisms.

What is the food web for the pacific?

the food web for the pacific is: plankton-plant-small fish-big fish-shark-squid-whale So that's the food web of the pacific

Where do flamingos fit in the food chain?

they are above algae,brie shrimp,plankton

How does a tree kangaroo fit into the food web?

They are in the middle of the web.

What could be found on an ocean food web?

sun, shrimp, plankton, mosquito fish,

What always forms the base of a food chain or food web?

the producers like seaweed and plankton and other plants

Where does the mongoose fit in the food web?

the top

Where does squids fit into the marine food web?

umm well i guess low on the food web

What is the foundation of the food web in estuaries?

Estuary food webs begin with the conversion of the sun's energy to food energy by plants and plankton.

How does the bald eagle fit in the food web?

the bald Eagle goes on the top of the food web or food chain

Which are the secondary consumer in ocean food web?

Plankton is one example of a secondary consumer in the ocean.

Where do snow leopards fit in the food chain and food web?

Snow leopards are carnivores at the top of the food chain and food web

What is a good sentence that uses the words food web and and great lakes?

the food web of the wish in the great lakes is small plankton<shrimp<sardines<shark<etc

Would humans fit in the food web?


Where does the squid fit into the marine food web?


Where does the squid fit into marine food web?


Where does plankton get their food?

Plankton get their food near the top of the ocean

Where on the food chain is a plankton?

Plankton second to last on the food chain, plankton eat plants

Where does cheetah fit in a food web or food chain?

cheetahs are carnivores or a consumer

What food chain or food web does the white rhino fit into?

It fits into.......................... CANNIBAL