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Q: Where do plants that live on land get their water and nutrients?
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What do plants need to live succesfully on land?

sun water air nutrients

Do more plants and animals live on land or in water?

More plants and animals live n the land then in the sea.

What happened after plants first became able to live land?

Adaptive radiation spread them into many land niches

Why do plants need water to live?

well they need it because it will put nutrients in it

What do you call the plants that can live on the land and water?


Why did the early land plants have to live close to water?

because there need to water them

Where do most aquatic plants and algae live and why?

aquatic plants live in water because they cannot survive on land

What do you call a plant that live in water and land?

plants and animals that live on land are called terrestrial animals plants and animals that live in water are called aquatic animals

What specific plants live in the oceanic zone?

The specific plants live is in the ocean zone as the plant can derive water and nutrients direct from ocean via soil.

Why do plants only live off of plain water?

They don't. They also use the nutrients from the soil, and photosynthesis.

Why do plants without roots live in water?

Because roots typically are used for extracting water and nutrients out of the soil. As the plant is living in water, there is no need to search for water and the nutrients are either in the water, or not close enough to extract.

Do plants affect plants?

Yes, they compete for resources (light, water, nutrients), they can even compete for the attention of pollinators. You get parasitic plants as well which live off other plants