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Q: Where do river otters live?
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Related questions

Do otters live by the Tiber River?

Yes. Otters do live in the tiber river. I have seen a few myself.

Where do river otters nest?

Otters live in water, in dens or nests. In winter, when an otter's den or nest freezes over, the otter will look for a new river to live in. P.S. Otters nest's live on top of water or along river banks.

What type of home do river otters live in?

River otters live in dens near river banks with an under water entrance and a breathing spot on top.

Why does a river otter live in a river?

why do they live in rivers? because their river otters of course

Do otters live in fresh water?

There are both freshwater (river otters) and salt water otters.

What aquatic animals live in fresh water?

River otters live in the shores of fresh water regions. River otters live on river shores. River otters hold there breath when going under water. They also use sticks and branches to build a dam in the water.

Do river otters live in wetlands?


What are river otters habitats?

river otters live in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks and most wet places. Thanks for asking now you got a answer have fun studying river otters my favorite animal

What biome do river otters live in?

they live near rivers

Do otters live in Arkansas?

Yes. River otters live in Arkansas. They live in the Little Rock area.

Describe the rivers otters niche?

The river otters Niche is its living in a hole next to the river because it cannot live in water but can live near water for drinks and stuff.

Do river otters live in the Mississippi river?

no they live in north america rivers so if it is a river yes

Do river otters live in bogs?

Yes, they live in coastal Bogs.

Do otters live in the Nile river?

Yes, of course!!

Do River Otters live in group?

no yes no yes

Are sea otters and river otters different species?

They are the same species, they just live in different environments.

Are otters and sea otters the same thing?

No, sea otters have thicker fur shorter legs an live in the ocean, while river otters have thinner fur and are faster and live in rivers. but the term otter covers both

Do sea otters live in Germany?

Sea otters are native to the Pacific coastal waters of North America. There may be some sea otters in German zoos, but I don't know. However, European river otters do live in Germany.

Where do North America river otters live?

North America

What animals live in the rainforest river?

Some of the animals that live in in the rainforest river are manatees, piranhas, giant river otters, capybara, and the Amazon pink river dolphins.

Where in Missouri do river otters live?

Otters in Missouri are found in most kinds of wetland habitats including streams and ponds.

Do otters lay eggs or give live birth?

Otters are mammals and bear live young (pups). For North American river otters, a mother may have up to six pups. For sea otters, there is usually only 1 pup, more rarely 2 pups.

What does a river otter live in?

River otters live in a burrow close to the water's edge in a river, lake, swamp, coastal shoreline, tidal flat, or estuary.

Do sea otters live in Lake Superior?

No. Sea otters only live in the ocean, and only in select locations along the west coast of North America and the east coast of Eurasia. River otters might live in Lake superior, though.

How long do captive bred river otters live?

1 year