Where do saurolophus live?

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they live in Donald corcle

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Q: Where do saurolophus live?
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What are the release dates for Dinosaur Train - 2009 The Scared Saurolophus 7-5?

Dinosaur Train - 2009 The Scared Saurolophus 7-5 was released on: USA: 7 September 2013

What kind of dinosaur is Ducky on the Land Before Time?

Ducky is a Saurolophus .

What type of dinosaurs is ducky?

If you're referring to Ducky from "The Land Before Time" series, she is a Saurolophus.

What other dinosaur live when the albertosaurus was alive?

Albertosaurus lived alongside dinosaurs such as Edmontosaurus, Saurolophus, Hypacrosaurus, ceratopsians, ornithomimids, pachycephalosaurs, and ankylosaurs. The first three were among the most common, and the last two were relatively rare.

Which dinosaur had a crest on its head?

Many types of dinosaurs head crests. Some were hadrosaurs, such as Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, and Saurolophus. Others were theropods, such as Ceratosaurus or Allosaurus.

What kind of dinosaur collected in Canada?

Albertosaurus,Einiosaurus(don't click on it if you did),Torvosaurus,AcrocanthosaurusGorgosaurus,Daspletosaurus,StyracosaurusPachyrhinosaurus,Chasmosaurus,Eucentrosarus,Anchiceratops,Arrinoceratops,CentrosaurusEdmontonia,Ankylosaurus,Euplocephalus,Parasaurolophus,Lambeosaurus,Iguanodon,Saurolophus(No I did Not Forget to put Para In front that's it's actual name Saurolophus),Allosaurus,Pachycephalosaurus,Pteranodons,Troodon,Stegoceras,Quetzalcoatlus,Supersaurus(Yes that's it's name.),and The Second King of all time Tyrannosaurus Rex/T-Rex Hope this helped With your Dinosaur Knowledge

How do you get seismosaurus on dinosaur king ds?

battle more then it will come

Did dinosaurs ever sing?

No, but duck-billed dinosaurs like Parasaurolophus (PAIR-aso-RAW-low-fiss), Saurolophus (so-RAW-low-fiss), Lambeosaurus (LAM-bee-o-SORE-iss), and Corythosaurus (cer-RITH-o-SORE-us) did.

What did the albertosaurus dinosaur eat?

Albertasaurus was a large, meat eating dinosaur closely related to T-rex but they lived a couple million years earlier. They would have hunted herbivorous dinosaurs such as Edmontosaurus, Saurolophus, and Hypacrosaurus.

Who is Littlefoot's girlfriend?

Littlefoot is a brown Apatosaurus in The Land Before Time movie and television series.His friends are Cera (Triceratops), Ducky (Saurolophus), Petrie (Pteranodon), Spike (Stegosaurus), Chomper (Tyrannosaurus) and Ruby (Oviraptor). Littlefoot's role in the series is as a leader to his friends. Romances may occur if he grows any older, but that would lose the main audience, though it would be an excellent way to end the series, if there comes a time to end it.

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