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The Ocean, mainly the Mediterranean

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What are Sea Pens?

Sea Pens are marine corals who live in clusters on the ocean floor.

What kind of decomposers live in tropical oceans?

Marine Worms,Sea Pens and Sea Urchins

What eats sea pens?

Turtles eat sea pens

What is the sea pens prey?


Are sea pens animals?


The examples of cnidarian?

Jellyfish, Corals, Sea Anemones, Sea Pens.

What is a example of cnidarians?

Jellyfish, Coral, sea anemones, sea pens

What is the definition of sea farming?

To breed fish in pens at the edge of the sea.

What are examples of phylum cnidarians?

Jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, sea pens

Who eats sea pens?

Ryan James mildren

Is an octopus a coelenterate?

No, an octopus is a mollusk. Coelentrates are sea combs, coral, sea pens, jellyfish and sea anemones.

What are some examples of a coelenterates?

jellyfish, sea anemones, sea pens, anemones, corals, and hydras

What animals live in pens?

dogs and chickens

If pigs live in pens where do elephants live?

outside on top of the pigs

What is the home of a pig called?

Pigs live in Pens

Which animal lives in a pen?

Pigs live in pens.

What kind of coral is found in the Great Barrier Reef?

sea pens, blue corals, soft corals and sea fans.

Where do Dutch rabbits live?

Dutch Rabbits live with humans in pens or in rabbit hutches.

Where do turkeys live?

On farms. Mabye in pens like chikens do.

What do a dog pig and turkey have in common?

They all can live in pens.

What lives with Sea Urchins?

its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal its a live sea animal

Do pigs live in holes?

no... they live in the forest or pig stiles! Correction...they live in Pig Sties or Pig Pens

Where does a sea anemone live?

Sea anemone live at the bottom of the sea.

Do sea urchins live in Connecticut?

No. Sea urchins live in the sea.

What is the collective noun for pens?

Some collective nouns for pens are a set of pens, a case of pens, a supply or pens.