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Where do slaves come from?


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July 09, 2013 6:34PM

Slaves don't come from one certain place. Slaves have come from all over the world. The most common idea of slaves are African slaves. Naturally, these slaves came from Africa. But Africans aren't the only people who have been used as slaves. The Israelites were used as slaves in Ancient Egypt. Throughout the Middle Ages, peasants in Kingdoms like Britain were treated as slaves. The Irish were used as slaves under King James II. During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, many European Christians were used as slaves in northern Africa.

As you can see, slaves come from all races, religions and colors. There are other forms of slavery widely used today such as: Economic Slavery and Sex Slavery.

Economic Slavery is when a person pledges their labor or services as repayment for a loan or other debt. This may be voluntary, or involuntary. Many countries including the United States have a great portion of their population under this form of slavery. Many people around the world are known as Debt slaves, who work to pay off debt whether their own, or their country's.

Sex Slavery is the slavery of unwilling people for sexual exploitation. Countries like Thailand, China, Nigeria, Albania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine are major sources of sex slavery. This form of slavery goes on around the world including the United States. Major corporations like Goldman Sachs have been invested and involved in sex trafficking around the world. The United Nations staff and peacekeepers have even been involved in human trafficking.