Where do spotted skunks live?

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There are five different types of skunks which live in Texas:striped skunkshooded skunkshog nosed skunksWestern spotted skunksEastern spotted skunksTexas is the only state where all five types of skunks can be found, they can be differentiated by their markings.

they live sport feilds

Spotted Skunks are not at all rare; they are very common in the areas that they inhabit.

yes the striped and spotted skunks

striped skunks, spotted skunks, hooded skunks, weasels, martens, animals like that.

spotted ,and yes they are

Yes, skunks can and do eat rattlesnakes, especially young snakes.

Striped skunks do not normally climb trees, although spotted skunks do climb and will use hollows limbs of trees as dens.

The spotted skunk is still fairly common, but exact figures are lacking.

nothing, food, oxegyn.. stuff

Yes. They can direct their spray forward in this manner.

wild skunks live up to 3 years and domesticated skunks live up to 10 years

Skunks live in North and South America. Skunks also live in dens and are nocturnal animals. Skunks are solitary and very rarely interact with other skunks.

Occasionally skunks do handstands as a warning. But mostly they jut stamp their feet and point their behind at you.

most skunks live for 2-3 years.

Skunks live mainly in on the North American Continent

How dose skunks live in Boise Idaho USA

they dry hump the hell out the attacker .

Yes they are, they are the best. They are so cute!

Striped skunks are the normal skunks. All skunks have stripes unless they are bred to be albino or bred to be more white then black, but every skunk is striped even Spotted skunks.

Okay, so skunks live in North America only!

no there is not enough demand for this species, i have only seen spriped and spotted skunks being sold as pets.

it varies. skunks can have different colors: black, white (even if not albino), lavender, brown, black and white, brown and white, etc... striped skunks have a long stripe going through their back. spotted skunks aren't spotted, but more like having many short stripes. hog-nosed skunks differs within the group, but known to have thick stripe that covers most of their back

if you mean the looks, that'll probably not change much. if you mean their status, it may be that there will be less wild skunks and more pet skunks. however, it is possible to have little in the wild and nobody keeping pet skunks. spotted skunks may be endangered greatly in the future

most skunks live in burrows