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Q: Where do sunflowers get there name from?
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What is the sunflowers family name?

True sunflowers are found in the genus Helianthus, in the family Asteraceae.

What is the Tagalog name for sunflowers?


What is the common name for sunflowers?

Sunflowers are usually called the flowers of the sun because of the yellowish color in some varieties

How did sunflowers get their name?

Because they need a lot of sunlight.

How Kansas got its nick name?

Kansas got its nickname because there was a large population of sunflowers and they were known for the large amounts of sunflowers.

Is Kansas flower name sunflower?

yes it is because it grows sunflowers in kansas.

What lives on mont blonc?

sunflowers sunflowers and me

What is the painting vase of 12 sunflowers about?

It is about sunflowers.

Crops in Nigerian farms?

sunflowers sunflowers

What is van Gogh's Sunflowers about?

About a vase of sunflowers.

What is California's sunflowers predators?

Sunflowers do not have predators.

How do you use sunflowers?

how do humans use sunflowers