The Gosselins

Where do the Gosselin's parents live?


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The Gosselins rarely talk about the grandparents and they do not say to protect the parents' privacy.

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Yes, Kate Gosselins are alive and well and live in central Pennsylvania. Yes. Kate's parents are both still alive and living in the same part of Pennsylvania as the Gosselins.

Yes. Both parents travel extensively, but they still live in Pennsylvania.

The Gosselins are a nuclear family, parents and children living together.

Parents of kids with cancer

The bulk of Jon and Kate Gosselins family and friends live in the Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic states. Jon and Kates siblings all live in the Pennsylvania area. But, all of the Gosselins have traveled a lot for their jobs... they might have made friends that live in Oklahoma. ... but that is private information.

They just don't choose to be involved. They don't want to be in the spotlight

His mom is from Hawaii (but is of Korean descent). Not sure where his dad is from, but he is of Scotch Welsh heritage. See related questions for information about Jon Gosselins ethnic heritage.

The Gosselins moved into a new home in Pennsylvania in late 2008. There is nothing to suggest the Gosselin's live in North Carolina.

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Of course. Parents can spank their children and still love them.

Not much is known about Kate Gosselin's parents other than they are alive and Kate does not have much of a relationship with them. Kate also has siblings.

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Well I can only answer for Jon's dad, he was not there because he's dead.

Kate Gosselin's parents are Kenton and Charlene Kreider. Kate Gosselin is most known for appearing on the reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

The Gosselins have gone to Utah, Disney World, and North Carolina to vacation.

gosselins is her sister's last name

Jon and Kate Gosselin live in central Pennsylvania. The Gosselins have visited North Carolina on vacation.

Yes, many magazines have shown photos of the Gosselin's home in central Pennsylvania.

During the episode A Cow Purchase (Season 2, Episode 7, which originally aired November 12, 2007) the Gosselins purchased half a cow from Natural Acres, and organic farm close to where they live.

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Jon Gosselins full name is Jonathan Keith Gosselin.

The Gosselins stayed at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii.

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