Where do the Pokemon GO after you put in the action replAY CODES?

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All the AR codes do is make the pokémon more likely to appear in the wild, for example, I once found a shiny Gyarados in the grass near route 216..!
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How do you put a code into an Action Replay?

\n. \n Action Replay Codes \n. \n1)You could go to codejunkies.com and they will give you a code for the game you pick.\n. \n2)Then turn on gba or gbasp with game in the action replay which is in the gba. \n. \n3)Pick the add/edit code option in management and select the game you want. \n. ( Full Answer )

Pokemon action replay code?

2 charizards 2 arceus's and 2 shaymans . 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC BB93E5FC 0FF50000 B7039052 5F08A943 EEB7E1BB 54465AA8 1122129A 9C6A6B03 9A32DFDF F9C9BD10 D2B32AD4 9C38CA70 865D49B0 ECA94DA9 DA01DE05 8E978AB0 79C30EA6 0C898DBB 56D821ED 156344DB 058950 ( Full Answer )

Pokemon codes for action replay?

You should stream codes on Youtube or go to my site. My site is made from Google and it's called, Morefun567. I'll give you the link on the bottom page. My site has Pokemon codes and more.

Action replay Pokemon codes?

I have a website: infopokemon.webs.com that you can use. If you find cool codes, e-mail me or leave a comment.

What is an action replay code in Pokemon?

An action replay code is a code that unlocks you stuff in the game like all shiny Pokemon or 999 masterballs stuff like that to get it you need to buy an action replay at gamestop (19.99 - 24.99) or walmart (14.99 - 19.99)

How do you put in codes for action replay for Pokemon ruby?

it is pretty easy all you do is add the game to the list if it is not already there then once it is inputed you exit out to the list of games and find the game you just inputed once you have done that press the add button on the right side of the device and add the (m) code first and then the ret of ( Full Answer )

Pokemon diomand Action Replay codes?

All items:. 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E000BC94 000000EC 70F970F8 69AA0000 DA90024D EDAD3971 C1061FCF 71B6A03B 6536D792 447718E1 D98A5CFE F872B71C 64C01033 21AEA016 8E10494E 90EFB40C 750B1D2B 79AF22A7 EAA63F47 702CD271 FE705812 9AC1DE40 DE0359FE 47EC8E6D 8E4FA8CD E15F7112 ( Full Answer )

How do you put action replay codes in ds?

There are several ways you can put codes into your Action Replay 1. Enter them on your Nintendo DS 2. Add them by using your Computer 3. Add them by using a Subscription URL You can find tutorials on how to do these at this website: http://www.warc.us/

What is the action replay code to put wonder guard on any Pokemon?

I've already tested this code, and it works 100%! Since you'reasking about wonder guard in specific, change the "XX" to "19". 52067638 E0EE0EC4 0206763c 88809800 02067640 0FC40740 94000130 FFF30000 0206763c 47004800 02067640 02000101 D2000000 00000000 62000100 402E1C26 E2000100 00000018 736820XX 888 ( Full Answer )

Whats the action replay code to go to Hoenn in Pokemon diamond?

Hoenn isn't reachable in Pokémon Diamond with or without an actionreplay code, nor is any other area from previous generations.Pokémon Gold and Silver are the only games were the player canexplore more than one region. However a remake of Pokémon Ruby andSapphire (titled Omega R ( Full Answer )

How do you put action replay codes into your action replay?

COME ON THAT IS JUST EASY.. Go to the game you have in the action replay and go to the very top. It says Add new code. Press a to name the cheat you are putting in. In the bottom right corner it says NEXT ->. Press that with your stylus. Now type in the code and press next again and wait. TA-DAH!!! ( Full Answer )

How do you put an action replay code on your game?

When you go to the main menu of the AR there should be a "add new game" at the of the list. You'll have to go to another website to find codes for it. Gamespot.com is my best bet.

Codes for action replay Pokemon?

Game ID Code [Europe] This is the European Game ID: IPGE-CDBE84D9 Verify this code Rate this code I would like to report a problem with this code. Verified by: Luiscdp, completely random247Submitted by: DreamCrafter on March 27, 2010. rating: 1.50/5.00 Master Code [North America] IPGE is ( Full Answer )

Where you put the action replay code in Pokemon Diamond?

ummm you don't... if you have action replay DS you have to find Pokemon diamond in the list of games. then tap the button that looks like * then press A cause its already over the name it then enter the code. or you can get this thing for your computer... i don't have it though so im screwed. apper ( Full Answer )

How do you put Pokemon platinum in an action replay?

You must insert Platinum into the AR, and on the front screen, a code is shown, and it will say "Unknown Game". write down that code, then go to the game list screen, hit "Add New Game", then type in the code. the only downfall to it is that it does not have pre-programmed codes, unlike an AR that h ( Full Answer )

How do you put in action replay codes in on Pokemon diamond?

I only know how to put cheats with the new action replay first you go to thecode list menu on the game you want to the cheats on then select the cheats that you wanna put the cheats on then take out your action replay and put in the game then on the bottom screen there should be a red button that sa ( Full Answer )

Can you put action replay codes in your ds?

yes you can you go to the menu then click your game then click add new code then search online: action replay cheat codes for [your game] and itll give you it,have fun!

How do you work action replay when you have put a code in?

Ok here it goes: Make sure your DS or Dsi Pokemon game is inside the action replay (If you have one of those big ones. You know what i mean) Anyway... You scroll down the game options till you find your Pokemon game name. Like Pokemon Platinum, diamond, or pearl. Then you select it. There you will f ( Full Answer )

How do you input Pokemon action replay codes?

first things first, you have to get one. When you do get one, put it into your ds, and put the Pokemon game that you have into it. Then the title screen should come up. Find the code that you want to input, and click on the *. Then at the top of the screen it should say add new code. click on it, an ( Full Answer )

What happens next after you put the action replay Pokemon diamond code?

Activate the code. In the list of codes, select what codes you want. In game, most codes have an activator, such as L+R or select. (the two most common) Some codes are always on. The effect of the code varies by what it is intended to do and the skill of the programmer.

Where do you put the codes for Pokemon diamond on action replay?

When you insert the cartridge, it should display the game name. View loaded codes for games with the asterisk in the bottom left. Once in the list of codes, press the A button or the asterisk again when "ADD NEW CODE" is selected. Enter the display name for the code. I also put the activation key se ( Full Answer )

How put codes in manually in an Action Replay?

you put in the cartridge then at the top screen there is a code at the bottom left of that screen write it down or memorize it then add game put in the name of the game then press next put in the code that you saw earlier. if the screen at the bottom goes blue and red u need 2 get a new codelist cau ( Full Answer )

Can you put in ceat codes for Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

no but i know a few glitches like the tweaking glitch that you can do by driving your bike in jubalife city (your bike has to be on gear 4 the fastest gear) then drive really fast (square motion) near the lamp by the house where you get the quike claw from. if done corectly half of the city will be ( Full Answer )

What happens after you put in the Action Replay code for the Blue Orb in Pokemon soul silver?

ummm you press L+R to activate it (make sure you're outside:) then you go to the poke mart and a delivery guy shoul be there hell give you the blue orb .umm prett much it cuz i cant figure out how to get kyogre with that code.. i went to the embedde tower but he wast there....i really dont know mayb ( Full Answer )

Is there a way to put new codes on Action Replay Ultimate Codes for Pokemon?

There is, unfortunately you will have to research the codes up yourself on sites such as cheatcodes.com or other places. Only reason is because there are so many. Then watch a Youtube video on the situation, and it should be very straightforward. I recommend not using Codes until you've beaten as mu ( Full Answer )

How do you put Pokemon White on action replay?

You insert the Pokemon White card into the Action Replay on the top of it. Make sure that you could see the sticker of the card from the back of the DS. (Like when you shut the DS you could see the sticker of the card sticking out a little bit.) I must warn you not all codes work for Pokemon White a ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have action replay to put codes in on pokemon white?