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Beans and beans are grown on chernozem. Need to be planted in wet ground. Here's more information on the cultivation of legumes

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Are all bean seeds identical?

No, the beans are the seeds for the plants they grow on. Pinto beans grow pinto bean plants, lima beans grow lima bean plants, etc.

Do bean plants grow better with or without fertilizer?

Beans grow better with fertilizer.

What type of plant do coffee beans grow from?

coffee bean plants!!!

What part of the plant do beans come from?

Beans are the seeds of the plant; after the flowers fade, the beans grow in pods.Beans grow from the center of the flowers on bean plants.

Do beans have flowers?

Many different types of beans will flower first before the beans begin to grow., Just like apple trees will blossom before the apples start to grow. Bean plants are flowering plants. Flowering plants produce seeds as a result of fertilization. Beans are seeds and that come from flowers of the bean plant.

Do radish plants grow faster than bean plants?

beans take about a day longer to start growing but after that they grow much faster.

Which type of soil do bean plants grow the best in?

i think mung beans grow faster in soil rather in water

How are bean seeds made?

The seeds of a bean plants are actually inside the beans themselves. To grow a beanstalk, you simply plant a fertilized bean in soil and water it daily. Soon enough, your beansprout will grow into a mature beanstalk and begin to produce beans of its own.

What are the condition in which bean plants grow?

Bean plants grow in sunny locations with fertile soil. The soil cannot be too soggy or else the bean seed will mold. Plant beans outdoors after all danger of frost is past. Bush beans do not need staking, but pole beans, like Kentucky Wonder do. if you have good soil that has been amended with well rotted manure or compost, it is not necessary to fertile beans. Keep the beans well watered, but not soggy. Do not touch bean plants when they are wet, it causes disease. You can use the beans at any usable size. Frequent picking keeps the beans producing. At the end of the season, all beans can be dried and used in soups...

How long do bean plants live?

Beans are annuals so grow, produce seed and die in one year.

How many inches green beans grow in a week with red light?

what red light does to green bean plants

What bean does not grow in the ground?

Coffee beans.

Do beans grow?

If you dry a bean and then plant it in the spring it will sprout a vine that will in turn grow bean pods. The bean is an edible seed.

How tall does a green bean plant get?

The plants of green beans, yellow (wax) beans, soup beans, and dry beans all come in two sizes: bush and pole. Bush beans grow 12-18" inches. Pole beans grow 5-6 feet and sometimes more. (Pea plants also come in two sizes, bush and pole. ) For more information about bean plants and varieties, try one of the good online seed catalogs: many have growing information.

Why do plants in the dark grow so much?

Bean plants can grow a lot in dark places but they don't produce. The reason why beans grow so long in the dark is because they try to find light. And they turn blonde.

If you put a pinto bean in the ground can you grow pinto beans?

Yes it will grow

Can you grow a bean in cotton?

Tes,you can grow beans in cotton and even in soil ...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do all plants grow with a bean?

sometimes it depents on the bean

Do bean plants grow better in the sun or shade?

bean plants grow in the sun cause they need nutrition all plants need nutrition

Do beans come from trees?

no, beans grow on leafy plants that grow on the ground

How long does it take to grow a white bean beans?

About a week

Do bean plants grow better in water than soil and why?

Bean plants being terestrial grow better in soil not in water.

What are bean plants made up of?

cells, beans, food

Is peanut a bean family or nut family?

it is in the bean family nuts grow on trees beans grow on Bush's or under ground

In what type of materials do bean plant grow better?

in what of materials do beans grow the best

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