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Q: Where do the cables go on a 91 cutlass ciera solenoid?
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Where is the speed sensor located on a 1994 cutlass ciera?

where is cam senor on a 91 cutlass ciera 3300

Size of tires on a 91 cutlass-ciera?

you need p185/75/r14 i have a 93 cutlass ciera and that's whats on mine.

Replace the ecm on 91 cutlass ciera?

The ECM is located behind the glovebox on a 1991 Cutlass Ciera. Pull the glove box out to see it. Once located remove the mounting hardware and unplug it from the car. Replace the unit.

I have a 91 olds cutlass ciera emergency flasher don't work but turn signals does how do i fix this?

check your fuse

How do you test starter on 91 cutlass ciera?

Remove the starter and take it to an auto parts store. They have the equipment to test it.

How do you remove the crankshaft pulley on a 91 Olds Cutlass Ciera?

It takes a pulle r available from the parts store for rental.

What is the replacement size for fuel tank strap bolts on a 88 olds cutlass ciera?

it should be a 15 mm bolt. that's what it is on my 91 cutlass supreme and my 93 beretta.

Which fuse in the fuse panel is for the dashboard in a 91 Cutlass Ciera?

If it's the the dash lights that your looking for it's the only 5A fuse in box. Should be in the second row from the bottom.

Show pictures off 91 cutlass ciera?

If you wanted to see pictures of cars that people change stuff then go to, For basic pictures the just use Google images.

91 olds cutlass ciera heats up too much with AC or Heat on why Problem just started?

If the car is over heating then it could be that the electric cooling fan motor is not working so the fan can

Nothing happens when you turn the key on your 91 cutlass supreme?

dead battery or try taking the battery terminals off and cleaning the terminals and battery cables with a wire brush and rehook.

Is the solenoid attached to the starter on a 91 ford escort or is it on the firewall?

The solenoid is attached to the starter. There is no relay.

How many gas filters are there in a Cutlass oldsmolibe?

If more than 1 gas filter were are they located on the 91 Cutlass Oldsmobile?

Starter solenoid on a 91 Chevy s-10?


What is the rated hp for the 33 liter in the 91 olds ciera?

I would say about 160 hp

What type trans fluid for 91 olds cutlass?

dexron 3 is good.

Any suggestions as to likely cause of why 91 Camry V6 wagon ran ok one day but won't turn over the next.?

Battery connection, dirty cables, starter/solenoid getting weak.

91 k2500 starter runs continuosly?

Defective starter solenoid?

Can i put a 1992 cutlass supreme digital cluster in a 1993 cutlass supreme?

yes the cluster works for 89 90 91 92 93

Does anyone have the diagram that's on the cover of the fuse box on a 91 cutlass supreme?


Where is the solenoid on a 91 Ford Escort?

There are 3 solenoids and they are located inside of the transmission.

91 Stealth starter does not engage in hot weather unless repeat on off of switch normally when cool temps it is ok?

Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Weak neutral safety switch?

Turn key nothing but only now and then eventually it cranks 91 Camry?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad ignition switch? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid?

How to replace 91 Chevy blazer battery cables?

disconnect the 91 blazer cables at the battery. One at a time, disconnect the cable at the opposite end, then pull it out. Put the new cable in, routing it the same way, then connect the non battery end. do the same for the other cable, then connect the cables to the battery.

Where is the transmission control solenoid for 91 dodge ram 150 van?

On the valve body, inside the transmission.