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  • well i read this book and it said that they hide up in the attic to hide
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What group do the franks hide from?

The Germans

Who was arrested for helping the Franks hide from the Nazis?

Meip was arrested for helping the Franks

Where did Mipe Gies let the Franks hide?

the secret annex

How long did the Franks hide?

2 years and one month.

Who helped the franks hide during the Holocaust?

Miep and Jan Gies

How long did anne franks family hide?

she hid from 1942 to 1944

What was one of Anne Franks weaknesses?

she couldnt hide to save her life

What are some of Anne Franks problems?

she had to hide for more than 3 years

Where did the Franks hide?

they hid in the back room above a factory in Amsterdam, Holland.

Why did the franks family hide?

because Adolf Hitler had wanted to get rid of the Jew's.

Who was they other person to help the Franks hide?

Then Daan's were in the hideout, so they were in on it and it was at her fathers company.

Who hide the franks?

well i think it was somebody that a family member or a really close friend to them

Who stayed in the secret annex with Anne Franks family?

4 other Jews that wanted to hide

Where did Jews hide form the Nazis?

well ann frank and her family hid in , her father otto franks office

Where did the Franks hide in World War 2?

In a rear annexe at 267 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam. The house is now a musuem.

Where did Franks hide?

They hid above an office building in Amsterdam, Holland. There was 3 rooms and the stairs to them were behind a bookshelf.

Why did miep gies generously decide to help the frank family hide knowing they were Jews?

She was a good person and opposed the Nazi party, so she made a daring decision to hide the Franks.

Why did Miep help the Franks hide?

Her own words are the best reply: "They were my friends, and they needed my help. I wouldn't have considered not helping them".

Is Mr Dussle in the attic with the frank and van daan family?

Mr. Dussle did hide in the Secret Annex with the Franks. However he did not go into hiding at the same time the Franks did. The Franks went first, then the Van Daans, then Mr. Dussle became the 8th member several months later.

Who helped the franks hide?

The office staff of Otto Franks business, Opekta, were the helpers: Miep Gies, Bep Voskuijl, Johannes Kleiman, Victor Kugler, and to a lesser extent, Johannes Voskuijl, father of Bep.

Why would the Franks hide?

During the early 1940's, Nazi Germany was rounding up and killing all the Jews they could find, a process known today as the Holocaust. The Franks were a Jewish family and they did not wish to be killed.

Why did anne frank have to hide in the annex?

Because Hitler was taking all the Jews to concentration, murder, and death camps. It was unsafe to be outside. Mr. Kraler and Miep offered the Franks their secret annex to hide in.

What prompted the franks to go into hiding?

Because her sister margot got a letter so the frank family hide early so they couldn't get them

Did Miep Gies work?

She herself did work, for the Complaints and Information desk in Opekta. She helped her husband, who worked for Otto Frank, hide the Franks.

Where did the Franks went to hide?

The Morning the Franks left, they left there door open and their room a mess so it looked like they had been captured by the Nazis. They actually were hiding in Amsterdam in a secret room. The door to the room was a bookshelf and they had to be quiet during the day. The door was dead bolted, but someone found out they were there, they told the Nazis, and The Franks were caught.