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Where do the fruit currants come from?

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Currants can be from the shrub in the genus Ribes, such as red currants and black currants. These grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Also, currants can refer to the fruit of current grape varieties which are usually dried and used in cooking and originated in Mediterranean countries..

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How do you put currants in a sentence?

Currants are a very juicy fruit.or...The man liked currants.

Are currants a dried fruit?

Yes, currants are a dried fruit. They are actually dried red seedless grapes.

What can you substitute for a currants in a recipe?

You could use any dried fruit, chopped to the size of currants. The taste will of course be different, but maybe it will be an improvement.

Where do you find currants in a grocery store?

Currants are found in most grocery stores as a dried fruit, and will be located by other dried fruits like raisins.

What fruit grows on bush?

Soft fruit - gooseberries, black, red & white currants, raspberries, loganberries, etc.

What fruit is dried to make a currant?

Currants are their own fruit. They come in Red, Black, and other varieties. They can be dried, but also fresh. They look like little spheres with a dot on the end opposite the stem.

What fruit contains ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic Acid = Vitamin COrangesGuava FruitKIwi FruitraspberriesRed CurrantsStraberries

Which fruit does currants come from?

Currants are thornless upright shrubs which yield glossy red or black berries, depending on the species. In order to be classified as a currant, the bush must be in the genus Ribes. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, currants have been cultivated throughout Europe and Asia for centuries. In the United States, commercial cultivation of currants was banned until 2003, due to concerns that they could harbor a disease which had the potential to devastate American timber stocks. For this reason, most Americans confuse raisins with currants

Which fruit does grenadine drink come from?

Cherry Actually, that is not true. It is traditionally made from black currants. 8/18/09 - No, originally grenadine was made from the juice of the pomegranate

Named for the Greek region of Corinth currants are actually a prized variety of what fruit?


Is there a fruit called a ribe?

Ribes is the family name of gooseberry and black, red and white currants.

Are black currants a fruit?

Yes, they are a shiny black berry that grows on a shrub. They have a sharp taste.

What are currants?

Currants are a type of berry.

What fruit will grow in shade?

Gooseberries and currants will grow in shade and you might get lucky with a small crop of blackberries or raspberries.

What are raisins?

Raisins are the dried fruit dirivative of certain types of grape, as opposed to currants which come from types of grapes different from those used to make raisins; sorry, I don't know which grape type is which.

What country do currants come from?

Countries that grow and produce various types of currants include those in the Americas (US, Chile) and Europe (Greece, Russia, Italy, France, and the UK).

Is this how you spell pomeegrante?

The spelling of the red-seeded fruit is POMEGRANATE. Along with red currants, it is a source of the red syrup, grenadine.

What can you use in place of dried currants?

You can use any small dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, cranberries or chopped dates

What is the difference between Currants and berries?

Currants are harder than berries.

What are dried currants?

Currants are dried (dehydrated) seedless black grapes.

What plant produces currants?

Plants of the genus Ribes produce currants.

Are sour cherries the same as currants?

No. Currants are raisins. Cherries are cherries.

What part of speech is currants?

The word currants is a plural noun. The singular is currant.

How does sun affect the formation of ocean currants?

how does the sun affect the formation of ocean currants

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