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your head

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Q: Where do the textile industries get the silk or cotton as a raw material?
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What are the major industries in Switzerland?

Mostly the textile industry using wool, cotton, silk and synthetics.

What is a type of textile woven from cotton and silk or linen?


What is a heavy silk linen or cotton textile woven with a pattern?


Which industries were among first modern industries in India?

1.tea, cotton, sugar 2.jute, silk and cotton 3.cotton, jute and coal-mines 4.sugar, silk and steel

What is a dress of light material?

cotton silk

What is the name of the material that stockings were made of after they used silk?

name of the material that could be silk, cotton, or polyester

Is silk or cotton a fine material produced by special worms?

Silk is prduced by silk worms.

What is the most expensive fiber material?

Silk or Cotton

What type of textile products are made from the material silk?

mainly wedding dresses are made from silk, hope this helps?

How do you define a textile industry?

The textile industry is the production of yarn, cloth, and the subsequent design or manufacture of clothing and their distribution. The raw material may be natural (such as cotton, silk, linen) or synthetic (such as polyester). The so-called modern or first sign of the industrial revolution in England was in the modernization of the textile industry.

Is neoprene a type of fabric?

No. Neoprene is a material as are cotton and silk. A fabric is made out of material.

What are agro based industries?

industries are classified on the bases of source of raw material. there are two types of indutries agro based and mineral based indutries. agro based industries are the one that produce jute,cotton,silk,tea,coffee,rubber etc.

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