Where do they dispose body fat after liposuction?

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Medical waste companies pick up the canisters of fat and sterilize and destroy the contents.
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Will the fat return after a liposuction?

If the Liposuction patient gains weight the entire body will distribute the fat because the treated area no longer has the same capacity to store additional fat. This is cause

How much is liposuction and fat transfer?

It depends on a number of variables. E.g. The procedure being performed, where in the country you are having it done and the skill level of the surgeon are just a few.

How fat do you have to be to do liposuction?

You shouldn't be very fat.. overweight people are not ideal candidates for liposuction! You'd rather have exercise and a proper diet in order to remove most of the extra fat a

How fat can you be and get liposuction?

Actually you shouldn't be fat in order to have liposuction. Liposuction is not a weapon against obesity! Its actually a treatment that removes stubborn fat from specific areas

How is fat removed in liposuction?

Fat is then extracted with suction through a long, blunt hollow tube called a cannula. The doctor repeatedly pushes the cannula through the fat layers in a radiating pattern c

What do doctors do with fat after liposuction?

Normally the fat is placed in special containers marked as " medical waste ". A company specialising in medical waste then comes to collect it from the hospital. Of course,
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What type of fat does liposuction remove?

Liposuction removes areas of unwanted fat deposits. These deposits tend to be above the muscles for which they cover. While many fats react to diet and exercise, certain indiv
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Where do the fat cells go after liposuction?

Areas of unwanted fat deposits are removed after receiving liposuction. Liposuction operates with a type of wand inserted into the patient. On the ti[ of the wand there are a
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What is the safest way to liposuction fat?

There are always risks when one chooses to have liposuction surgery. If one is wanting to have fat liposuction the safest way is to choose a very reputable physician or specia