Where do they dispose body fat after liposuction?

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Medical waste companies pick up the canisters of fat and sterilize and destroy the contents.
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How much fat safetly can be taken during liposuction?

Answer . Gee, I suppose that depends. What's important is exactly where it's taken from and how the rest of the fat and skin redistributes itself. Liposuctioning is like erosion really. Removing suspensive fat can undermine areas around the areas that were liposuctioned or eroded. These other ar ( Full Answer )

How do Hindus dispose of the bodies of the dead?

Answer . they cremate the bodies then the ashes are throwen into the ganges river.. ---------------. Not necessarily Ganges but any holy river. However, little children and sannyasis are buried. This is because, the souls of little children have not developed an attachment to their body and the ( Full Answer )

How do Hindus dispose of dead bodies?

Answer "The body is washed with water from the Ganges River and then burned with a slow fire on a funeral pyre." Hindu consider the heat of fire to be the final purifier after water -the second purifier. When human is dead, his soul exist for some time near to his belongings. Hindus perform ( Full Answer )

How did the Germans dispose of the dead bodies?

If you are referring to the WW2 systematic extermination of Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, gypsies and political opponents, then the Germans disposed of the bodies by cremation or by creating mass graves. US Soldiers found many of the mass graves which helped document the German crimes agai ( Full Answer )

How do Muslims dispose of dead bodies?

The body is washed in rose water then wrapped with a white cloth from head to foot and then put in the ground then each person that attended the funeral sprinkles a hand of mud over the body. The body is not to be dissected or disassembled also prayer is recited to the person at their grave as we ( Full Answer )

How do you dispose of a body?

With a butchers knife and garbage bags. An interesting read. http://www.amazon.com/Be-Your-Own-Undertaker-Dispose/dp/0873646975

What is the best way to dispose of a body?

one is not recommended to kill in the first place, so therefore i would say the best and most respectful way would be to call the police and report the body so a morgue can take the body and have an appropriate burial ceremony for the deceased.

How do you lose cheek fat without liposuction?

I would suggest that you lose weight all over. It is almost impossible to lose weight in just one specific area. You should combine a balanced diet with proper exercise and consult a nutritionist for any specific goals.

How does Body dispose of nitrogen?

The liver produces small amounts of ammonia in deamination reactions. Some of this ammonia provides the nitrogen needed for the synthesis of nonessential amino acids. The liver quickly combines any remaining ammonia with carbon dioxide to make urea, a less toxic compound. The liver releases the urea ( Full Answer )

How do Buddhists dispose of dead bodies?

Answer: While "sky burial" is practiced in Tibet due to the lack of firewood for funeral pyres, cremation is is more common way of disposing of bodies. Answer: The Buddhist -(Hinyan/Mahayan) follow the Hindu practice of funeral pyre cremation as it is an off shoot of Hinduism. The sky buri ( Full Answer )

On what areas of the body can Liposuction be done?

Common locations for liposuction include the chin, cheeks, neck, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles.. Better to check with your Surgeon before any decision in which area you should apply for liposuction.

Will the fat return after a liposuction?

If the Liposuction patient gains weight the entire body will distribute the fat because the treated area no longer has the same capacity to store additional fat. This is caused because a large portion of fat cells were removed from the treated area.

How do Islams dispose of dead bodies?

Muslims prepare the dead for burial by washing and perfuming the body, wrapping it in white cloth, offering a funeral prayer, and burying it within 24 hours. This process is called Janaza.

How much does full body liposuction cost?

It will depend on the specific procedure and area of the body being worked on. Geographic location and the surgeons skill level are also factors.

How do Shintos dispose of dead bodies?

Nowdays in Japan, the vast majority of funerals are held according to Buddhist rites and bodies are cremated. The ashes are then usually interred at the family grave. There are Shinto funerals but they are extremely rare and the average lay person has no idea about what is involved. For the average ( Full Answer )

How do Muslims dispose of the bodies of the dead?

The body is washed in rose water then wrapped with a white cloth head to foot and then put in a coffin or just in the ground.. The body is not to be dissected or disassembled also prayer is recited to the person at their grave as well

How much is liposuction and fat transfer?

It depends on a number of variables. E.g. The procedure being performed, where in the country you are having it done and the skill level of the surgeon are just a few.

What areas of the face and body are treatable with liposuction?

Liposuction works best for areas of the face and body with stubborn fat deposits resistant to overall weight loss, such as the infamous "love handles." The thighs, abdomen, buttocks, flanks, hips, upper arms, chin, jowels, and neck generally respond well. Men and women may also choose liposuction to ( Full Answer )

How do Sikhs dispose of dead bodies?

The Sikhs accept cremation as their way of disposing the deadbodies. That stems from the notion that a soul separates from thebody when someone dies.

How do Jains dispose of dead bodies?

The Jains dispose of dead bodies by cremating them. Aftercremation, they then throw the ashes into the nearby waters.

How do countries dispose bodies?

There are many methods like cremation, burial, disposal by exposure etc. Here is a longer answer detailing the different legal methods available and in use in different countries.

How do Jews dispose of dead bodies?

Following a funeral service, the body ... usually enclosed in a wooden casket ... is buried in a grave in the ground. Cremation is contrary to Judaism.

How fat do you have to be to do liposuction?

You shouldn't be very fat.. overweight people are not ideal candidates for liposuction! You'd rather have exercise and a proper diet in order to remove most of the extra fat and then opt for liposuction in order to remove local stubborn fat.

How fat can you be and get liposuction?

Actually you shouldn't be fat in order to have liposuction. Liposuction is not a weapon against obesity! Its actually a treatment that removes stubborn fat from specific areas when proper diet and work outs can't remove it

Does Medicaid pay for liposuction for fat people?

No sadly Medicaid does not cover liposuction. It should though, it would help alot of obese/overweight people feel better about their bodies. Myself included, I really want a tummy tuck with lipo but I can't afford it. Hopefully one day it will. :)

How much fat is removed in 1 hour of liposuction?

This depends on the Plastic Surgeon and how quick/experienced he is in the theatre. Typically in the United Kigdom around 2 litres of fat would be removed in a typical procedure.

How is fat removed in liposuction?

Fat is then extracted with suction through a long, blunt hollow tube called a cannula. The doctor repeatedly pushes the cannula through the fat layers in a radiating pattern creating tunnels, removing fat, and recontouring the area.

What do doctors do with fat after liposuction?

Normally the fat is placed in special containers marked as " medical waste ". A company specialising in medical waste then comes to collect it from the hospital. Of course, there is another option. Many Plastic Surgeons perform fat transfer procedures. These procedures are designed to fill in wri ( Full Answer )

What type of fat does liposuction remove?

Liposuction removes areas of unwanted fat deposits. These deposits tend to be above the muscles for which they cover. While many fats react to diet and exercise, certain individuals still find themselves with these pockets of fat that do not. That is the ideal fat that liposuction can remove and pro ( Full Answer )

Where do the fat cells go after liposuction?

Areas of unwanted fat deposits are removed after receiving liposuction. Liposuction operates with a type of wand inserted into the patient. On the ti[ of the wand there are a variety of types of tips that are in place. They can consist of a laser, ultrasonic or water assisted. With the laser the fat ( Full Answer )

What are the options for the disposal of bodies can they be recycled?

Burial at sea recycles because human tissue is about 98% similar to sea water and. about the same liquid to tissue as is sea water to land mass, or about 75%. Additionally human tissue is not considered a pollutant if placed in oceans, as opposed to inland streams, rivers and lakes. Human remains ( Full Answer )

What occurs in body liposuction contouring?

The physician makes a small cut, inserts a small instrument in to the fat layer. fluid is injected which distends the fat cells separating them from their surroundings. This makes it easier for the physician to aspirate the fat out of the body.

What is the safest way to liposuction fat?

There are always risks when one chooses to have liposuction surgery. If one is wanting to have fat liposuction the safest way is to choose a very reputable physician or specialist. One should always ask for references in this type of surgery as well.

Which Body Areas can be treated by Liposuction?

The most frequently treated areas for women are the abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, knees, arms, buttocks, cheeks and neck. In men, who comprise about 15% to 25% of liposuction patients, the most commonly treated areas include the chin and neck area, abdomen, fla ( Full Answer )

How do Hindus dispose the bodies of the death?

There are two methods that Hindus follow to dispose dead bodies.One is to burn and the other is to bury. Generally, unmarriedpeople may be buried and the remaining may be burnt.