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Toads in the day will ethier dig tiny little holes( yes they dig holes)or if they if they have a pile of dead grass they will burow down in to into it, or they will go under logs like garter snakes.

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Q: Where do toads hide during the day?
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Do toads dig?

Most toads burrow during day and in the winter.

What do coyotes do during the day?


Where do mice hide during the day?

They hide in dark corners their nocturnal so usually sleeping in the day also migt hide outside

Where do frogs or toads hide at night?

They hide in holes. in larng grass holes and under cabins

What shelters do toads have?

Most toads like to hide under rocks or vines. Basically anything that they can fit under

Are frogs and toads nocturnal?

i think that frogs and toads are nocturnal because they are always up during the night and sleep during the day. people always here them at night because of it and that is how you know they are nocturnal.

Where do raccoons hide during the day?

in holes in trees or on ground

Do pleco hide?

Yes Plecostomus will hide but mainly during the day because they don't like bright light.

Where do desert animals hide during a hot day?

in the sand and burrows

How does a armadillo adapts?

they live in burrows during the the day and to hide from predetors

Where do Luna Moths hide in the daytime?

Luna Moths feed and mate during the nighttime hours, so during the day they hide. Because of their sea-foam green coloration they do well to hide in trees and shrubbery.

Toads that luve in hot dry regions bury themselves in the soil during the day what theme of biology is it?


Why do reptiles hide at night and stay completely inactive?

During the day they choose to sunbath on a hot rock, during the night time they have no sun so they hide for the night.

How long do hermit crabs hide?

I used to have one, and they can hide all day if they feel like it. They're nocturnal, so they're most likely to hide more during the day, and crawl around at night.

Many animals hide here during the hot day?

Many animals hide in burrows or caves in the hot day. Some animal to avoid the heat of the day only come out at night.

Where do pet frogs like to hide?

Pet toads would like to hide in rocks, under couches, under any kind of furniture.

How do frogs and toads obtain food?

Frogs and toads use their tongue to catch insects, but some species prefer to hide and wait for an unsuspecting prey and then pounce.

What animals hide in the desert during the hot day?

inside the sandinside the sand

What did anne frank do during the day?

Hide in her father's office's attic (annex) .

Where do animals in the desert hide during a hot day?

in the shade or under ground

Do frogs and toads have brains?

Yes, frogs and toads have brains. They are animals that need them in order to live and do their day to day functions.

When are toads awake?

They are awake during the night. This is called being nocturnal. However, due to the fact that frogs and toads are often confused, frogs are also noctural. Something of noteworthiness is that dart frogs are actually diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day.

Where would toads hide?

Under rocks, leaves, tree bark, dirt, and things like that.

Where would a MN bat hide in a house during the day?

if i knew the answer i would not ask you

Name given to homes or businesses that would hide the slaves during the day?