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Where do turtles lay eggs?

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Typically, turtles lay eggs in summertime on beaches. Go to Fort Lauderdale, FL in July and you just might see a nest on the beach!

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Where do frogs and turtles lay eggs?

Frogs lay eggs in the water, turtles lay eggs on land.

Can boy turtles lay eggs?

No, male turtles can lay eggs.

Turtles lay what type of eggs?

Turtles lay chicken eggs (just kidding just kidding) turtles lay turtle eggs......

Do sea turtles lay eggs?

Yes, sea turtles do lay eggs.

Where do turtles usually lay their eggs?

where ever turtles r they will lay eggs

Do all turtles lay eggs or give birth?

Turtles lay eggs

Why do male turtles lay eggs?

Yes, male turtles do lay eggs

Where do bog turtles lay their eggs?

Bog turtles lay their eggs in nests.

What kind of eggs do turtles lay?

Turtles lay eggs which are soft-shelled and leathery.

Do female turtles die when they lay their eggs?

No. Female turtles do not die when they lay their eggs.

Do turtles lay eggs?

Yes, turtles lay eggs. The number and frequency of eggs depends on the species of turtle.

Where do turtles put their eggs?

Turtles lay their eggs on the beach.

Do marine turtles lay their eggs on land?

Marine turtles do come ashore to lay their eggs.

Do male turtles lay eggs?

No - males do not lay eggs.

Do turtles lay eggs or give birth?

they lay eggs

Do leatherback sea turtles lay eggs?

Leatherback sea turtles lay eggs to make more of them.

How many eggs can a sea turtles lay?

* female turtles can only lay eggs they can lay about 2-3 thosand eggs every year..classygal14

Does turtles lay eggs with shells?

It lay eggs with shells in the sands

Where do bow turtles lay there eggs?

They lay there eggs in the sand like nomarl turtles but they have to bury them rell deep.

Do female red eared slider turtles lay eggs without mating?

All turtles need to have mated in order to lay eggs, unlike birds who will lay infertile eggs, turtles won't.

Why are turtles lay eggs during the full moon?

Not all turtles lay eggs during a full moon. However, many turtles lay their eggs at night to avoid being detected by predators.

Do sea turtles lay eggs in the sand?

Yes. Sea turtles lay eggs in the sand. They did a hole, lay their eggs in it, then cover it up. The babies will dig their way out.

Do turtles lay their eggs in water?

No, turtles bury their eggs in the soil on land.

If eggs come from chickens what comes from turtles?

Turtles lay eggs. What about rhubarb?

How long do turtles lay eggs?

Turtles lay eggs for about 3 quicksand then they go back in the water to let there eggs hatch and the baby turtles will follow behind the parents.