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Turtles live in water all around the world.

Sea Turtles (superfamily Chelonioidea) are turtles found in all the world's oceans except the Arctic Ocean. There are seven living species of sea turtles: flatback, green sea turtle, Hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley, Leatherback, Loggerhead and Olive Ridley.

Painted turtles live in slow-moving fresh water from Sourthern Canada to Louisiana and Northern Mexico, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

You can see Sea turtles in Hawaii when your scuba diving.

Not all turtles are aquatic..The Box turtle rarely enters water, for example.

Turtles live in Aquatic areas yet their very close cousin the tortoise likes dry environments.
every where there is warm water.

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In a cave

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Q: Where do turtles live?
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Where are turtles?

water turtles live in the water land turtles live in the land

When did turtles live in water?

turtles still live in water but not all turtles.

Where to turtles live?

Turtles live mostly everywhere

Do Turtles live in rainforest?

Turtles do live in rainforests

Do turtles live in the Antarctic?

turtles don't live in Antarctica. Turtles live in the seas near the Pacific ocean. :)

Do turtles live in a box?

Turtles can live anywhere. Some live in water.

Do turtles like to live in water?

Sea turtles live in water. Most pet turtles are land turtles and will spend time in and around water, but not live in it.

Do turtles live in VIVARIUM?

Can terrapins and turtles live in a vivarium

Can anoles live with turtles?

Yes, Anoles can live with turtles.

Do turtles live mainly on land or in the water?

There are different types of turtles. Aquatic turtles mainly live in the sea. Terrestrial turtles live on land. There are also other types of turtles that live in both water and land, like snapping turtles for example.

How much time can earth turtles live without food?

how long do turtles live with out food? how long do turtles live with out food?

What type of ecosystems do turtles live in?

Marine turtles and fresh water turtles live in an aquatic environment.

Do turtles live in swamps?

Yes the do, but not all of the turtles live in swamps :)

Where on earth do sun turtles live?

sun turtles live in the desert

How long do musk turtles live for?

Musk turtles live about 30yrs

How long do mud turtles live?

how long do mud turtles live?

How do turtles breathe in water or not?

Turtles live in the water. How can they not breath in what they live in?!

What turtles live in ponds?

All turtles

Do turtles live alone or with other turtles?

i think with other turtles

How are fish and turtles alike?

Both fish and turtles:SwimEatAre cold-bloodedLive in the water (water turtles - there are turtles that live on land)

Where do atlantic ridley turtles live?

Atlantic Ridley turtles live in the Atlantic

Do leatherback sea turtles live in groups?

No. Turtles don’t live in groups.

Can box turtles live in sand?

yes box turtles can live in sand

What do gopher turtles live in?

gopher turtles live in the ground like in the dirt .

Do sea turtles live in the ocens?

yes sea turtles live in the ocean