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Where do werewolves live?

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Werewolves live at a house in human form, from wherever they come from. A werewolf in wolf form lives in forests or near their house where they live in human form. It is where they feel most safe, Werewolves are only in wolf form for 24 hours, so they could wake up human, naked, on the floor of a forest.

I am a lycan. I live in SC in the USA. its just a small little town. We have woods behind our house.

Werwolves can live all over the place like Asia, Brazil, and ect..

also I live in Kentucky USA. i really want to become one and meet one.

I live in a house by the river in the USA...

Werewolves do live in houses, when there human, but no one is sure for how long that can be. Usually the house is near the forsest, and by near i mean the forest being their backyard. That way when they transform all-of-a-sudden, they can just slip into their other world without their secret getting out. They might stay near their house, might be for safety, but usually it is for teritorial reasons. just like wolves, werewolves have that 'My area, you cant be hear, my hunting grounds' instinct.

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Do werewolves live in Romania?

We haven't werewolves in Romania.

Do they live with other werewolves?

WereWolves can choose to live in a Pack, or as a loner. Personally, since I am a WereWolf, I do not choose the Pack life. But yes, to answer your question, WereWolves can live with others.

Do werewolves live in North Carolina?

No. Werewolves don't exist

Do werewolves live in the desert?

No, werewolves are mythical creatures and do not live in deserts or any other biome.

Do werewolves live in Australia?

No. Werewolves are mythical creatures. They do not live in Australia, nor anywhere else.

How do werewolves live?

Werewolves live as naormal people do. That is if they exist. There is no scientific proof that they do. But also none that they dont'.

Do werewolves live in Newfoundland?


Where werewolves live?

In fairytales.

Can werewolves live in America?

Yeah, werewolves can live wherever they want, seeing as they are human most of the time anyway.

Does werewolves live only in Europe?

Werewolves are mythological creatures; they aren't real.

Do werewolves live in Ohio?


How long do werewolves live?

The longest time that werewolves live up to a 1,000 years old. But some werewolves are immortal even if their's a chance. And some know how to make theirself immortal.

What states do werewolves live in?

Werewolves don't exist. They appear in some folktales and some authors used the idea for movies and books. In movies they live wherever the author or screen writer wants them to live. Wolves of course exist but not werewolves.

Type of areas werewolves live in?

No such things as werewolves, have you been watching a lot of movies , like seriously

How does a werewolf live?

Werewolves aren't real.

Do werewolves live in Ireland?

They can live anywhere, they are normally humans, you know.

Do werewolves live in antarctica?

No, nor anywhere else.

What kind of habitat do werewolves live in?

anywhere they want

Does a werewolf go live in Orange Park?

No, werewolves live in forests or woods

Can werewolves live on the moon?

No one really knows anything about werewolves so that information is unavailable. No. Nothing lives on the moon.

Are werewolves loners or do they prefer a pack?

Werewolves generally live alone in the wild. Due to their extreme temper and violent nature it is not a good idea for werewolves to live together, lest they wish to get attacked. That being said, werewolves have been seen working together in extreme cases to hunt for food, although such sightings are rare.

Do werewolves live and hunting in packs?

Yes I would know because one time I saw werewolves in a pack chasing a moose

What is the Realm of the Wolf?

The place where the REAL 'werewolves' live and/or come from.

Locations of Australian werewolves?

Where ever they live in human form.

Are werewolves in extesits?

Yes we are. WE live all around the world.