Where do werewolves live?

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Werewolves live at a house in human form, from wherever they come from. A werewolf in wolf form lives in forests or near their house where they live in human form. It is where they feel most safe, Werewolves are only in wolf form for 24 hours, so they could wake up human, naked, on the floor of a forest.

I am a lycan. I live in SC in the USA. its just a small little town. We have woods behind our house.

Werwolves can live all over the place like Asia, Brazil, and ect..

also I live in Kentucky USA. i really want to become one and meet one.

I live in a house by the river in the USA...

Werewolves do live in houses, when there human, but no one is sure for how long that can be. Usually the house is near the forsest, and by near i mean the forest being their backyard. That way when they transform all-of-a-sudden, they can just slip into their other world without their secret getting out. They might stay near their house, might be for safety, but usually it is for teritorial reasons. just like wolves, werewolves have that 'My area, you cant be hear, my hunting grounds' instinct.

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Q: Where do werewolves live?
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