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Where do whales eat?

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Most whales like humpback whales, sperm whales, and blue whales eat krill or plankton. Killer whales eat penguins, seals, or turtles.

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Can sharks eat whales?

They can't eat whales, but whales can eat them

Do gray whales eat killer whales?

No. Killer whales eat gray whales.

Does killer whales eat pilot whales?

yes killer whales do eat pilot whales

What does killer whales eat?

whales eat a lot of fishwhales eat lionswhales eat human meatwhales eat other kind of food and we are the food

Do killer whales eat other whales?

Yes, they can eat other whales.

Do killer whales eat puffins?

killer whales do eat puffins killer whales do eat puffins

What else do whales eat?

Whales are predators, they eat from plankton, to squid, to even sharks (killer whales eat sharks but to be honest there dolphins). Killer Whales also eat other whales.

Does anything eat whales?

Does anything eat whales

Why do whales eat camels?

Whales do not eat camels.

Do whales eat monkeys?

No whales do not eat monkeys.

Do whales eat platypuses?

No whales eat fish

What whales eat krill?

The Planktin Whales eat Krill.

Do octopus eat whales?

yes they eat SPERM whales

Do baleen whales eat fish?

No whales do not eat fish.

Can whales eat plankton?

Yes, whales eat plankton.

What do whales use their what to eat?

What do whales use their something to eat

Do whales eat whales?

Only killer whales do.

Do killer whales eat pilot whales?

There is no proof that transient orcas eat pilot whales.

What kind of whales do killer whales eat?

A Killer Whale Can Kill alot of Whales and eat alot of Whales

Do killer whales eat octupus?

No, killer whales do not eat octopus. killer whales eat seals fish and walrus.They are carnivores.

Do humpback whales eat with other whales?

No humpback whales are balleen whales. They do not have teeth. They only eat krill and small fish.

What animals eat whales?

Larger whales tend to eat smaller whales. Other animals that are known to eat small whales include orca and shark. Large whales are not predated but predators themselves.

What do whales eat?

Baleen whales eat krill and other plankton, which they strain from the water. Some toothed whales eat fish and squid. "Killer whales" (which are Orca and not whales) eat walruses and seals.

Do Blue whales eat sharks?

Yes blue whales eat shark,other whales,and jellyfish.

Do sharks eat beluga whales?

no they do not eat beluga whales. but, orca (killer whales) and polar bears do.

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