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Use a funnel and add it thru the place where you check the level.

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Q: Where do you add automatic transmission fluid in a 1997 Saturn two-door car?
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How do you change transmission fluid on a Saturn ion automatic?

no 120,000

How many quarts do you to add to automatic transmission fluid to 2001 Saturn?

how many quarts of fluid does an 2001 Saturn take

Transmission fluid capacity on 2002 Saturn L200 automatic?


What transmission fluid for 2004 Saturn ion?

T-IV for an automatic.

How do you change the transmission fluid in a 98 Saturn SL1 Automatic?

Remove transmission oil pan

What type of transmission fluid for Saturn?

Automatic transmission fluid is used for both Manual and automatic transmissions. Manuals take 2.5quarts and automatics take 4.5 quarts.

What is dextron 2 atf transmission fluid or motor oil?

It is an automatic transmission fluid.It is an automatic transmission fluid.

What type of transmission fluid for a 1998 Saturn?

well, the type of ur car depends on it. if u hav ur 1998 saturn, then if its automatic go to ur local wal-mart or auto store and get automatic transmission fluid, if its manual do the same as above and get manual transmission fluid

What type transfer case fluid for 1996 grand Cherokee?

Automatic transmission fluid.Automatic transmission fluid.

Where is the transmission fluid temperature sensor located on a 99 Saturn SC2?

Automatic: It is located above the transmission fluid filter on the front of the transmission. Manual: There is no Transmission fluid trmperature sensor for the Manual transaxle

What type of transmission fluid do you use in an automatic 1999 Saturn sl1?

the dealer told my wife it is AT3 fluid

Can you substitute transmission fluid for power steering fluid in a 2008 Chrysler sebring?

Automatic transmission fluid is the proper fluid.Automatic transmission fluid is the proper fluid.

What fluid type goes in a manual transmission of a 1991 Saturn sedan?

Dextron 3 automatic transmission fluid. now known as domestic automatic transmission fluid. Yes it is a manual but they used the same stuff. It just lubricates the needle berrings.

What fluid is used in the hydraulic lift cylinders of a 1987 Chrysler lebaron convertible?

Automatic transmission fluid.Automatic transmission fluid.

What type of fluid goes in np 241 transfer case Dodge 3500?

Automatic transmission fluid.Automatic transmission fluid.

Where do you put transmission fluid in on a Saturn 1995?

If it is an automatic, it goes down the red dipstick tube.

What type of fluid goes in 242 transfer case for 96 jeep Cherokee country?

Automatic transmission fluid.Automatic transmission fluid.

Where is the automatic transmission fluid reservoir on a Mercedes slk 230?

The Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission fluid reservoir can be found on the bottom of the transmission. The automatic transmission fluid reservoir is known as the transmission fluid pan.

Why do you have oil in your raidiator on 1992 Saturn?

you have a blown headgasket, or if it is has an automatic transmission, it is also possible that you may have transmission fluid in your radiator. this is caused by transmission fluid in part of your radiator leaked into your coolant

Checking Saturn vue transmission fluid?

how do I put transmission fluid in a Saturn vue

What kind of fluid goes in a 1999 jeep wrangler transfer case?

It takes automatic transmission fluid.It takes automatic transmission fluid.

What power steering fluid do you use for your Saturn sl1?

The ATF power steering fluid is usually used for the Saturn SL 1. The Mobil 1 automatic transmission fluid can also be used.

What type of transmission fluid is used in an automatic Saturn 2002 L series 4 door?


What type of automatic transmission fluid for 2007 Ford Mustang?

The recommended automatic transmission fluid for the 2005-2007 Mustang is Mercon V automatic transmission fluid

What is the automatic transmission fluid capacity for a 1996 camaro RS?

The 1996 Chevy Camaro automatic transmission has a fluid capacity of 7.3 quarts. You can check the automatic transmission fluid level with the transmission dipstick.