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Where do you add the pH increaser and chlorine tablets in a vinyl pool?

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You can add the increaser directly pool. The chlorine can be added in a couple different ways. Tablets can be used in a floating container or put in the skimmer basket. (I prefer the floating container. Granular chlorine can be added directly in the pool. Always make sure your pH is correct before you add any chlorine or you'll be wasting your money.

It's a good idea to take a sample of your water to local pool store dffor testing. It really helps me out.

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Do you sell chlorine tablets?

I don't, but pool stores do.

Is it ok to use pool chlorine tablets to chlorinate household water?

NO! There are often stabilizers in pool chlorine tablets that make the tablets last longer - use a bottle of bleach (sodium hypochlorite) instead.

How many tablets of chlorine does a 5000 gallon pool take?

1 daily

Are chlorine tablets good for pool?

yes it helps the pool stay clean and not get infected

Will a chlorine burn on your pool liner crack the liner?

High concentrations of chlorine can and will destroy a vinyl liner.

How do you turn a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool?

Stop adding salt to the pool and use tablets and shock when needed.

How should you do chlorine to add in your pool?

You can add liquid chlorine by walking it around the outside edges of the pool or adding 3 inch tablets through a chlorine floater.

Do you need chlorine tablets in pool?

If you want the water to stay clean and disease-free, than dont NEED to use chlorine tablets. you can use the other kinds of chlorine there are.

Are there health differences between a salt water pool vs a regular chlorine pool?

they are both chlorine pools. the salt pool just keeps u from having to deal with chlorione tablets and chlorine shocks.

How much is the average cost of chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets can range in price depending upon availability and locale. However most websites selling pool supplies price chlorine tablets around two to three dollars a pound.

How many chlorine tablets do you use in a 16x48 intex pool?

Look on the packaging.

Can you use liquid chlorine on a vinyl pool?

used it for years, no worries. The corroding metal pool fittings are what you need worry about

How many chlorine tablets do you put in a 15 by 30 pool?

That depends on your current chlorine reading. you can take a sample of the water to a pool shop for a free check or purchase a pool test kit.

You continually add chlorine tablets to your pool and still the chlorine is way to low How do you raise it up?

Check if you have any stabilizer in your pool without stabilizes (cyanuric acid) the chlorine use is greatly increased.

How do you change a vinyl inground chlorine sand filter pool to a salt?

Need to rephrase question.

Can Clorox bleach be used instead of the chlorine tablets?

No, it will ruin your pool and do you really want to swim around in Clorox? Chlorine kills fungus and bacteria in your pool that bleach can't.

How much Clorox do you put in a 3861 gallon swimming pool?

Do not put clorox in your pool. Use chlorine tablets or granules. It is not as harmful.

Is is safe to use old chlorine tablets in your pool?

oh naa of course not its extremly dangerous

How many chlorine tablets do you use in a 4400 gallon pool and how often?

2 every day

How can you keep your chlorine levels up?

Keep 1 to 2 chlorine tablets in Skimmer every day, depends on the size of the pool too.

How can you remove the slippery slime from a small vinyl pool?

Pool brush and occasional chlorine or water changes so it doesn't grow in the first place

Can you add chlorine to a salt water pool without damaging anything?

Yes you can add chlorine to a salt generated pool. But if you are using a Calcium Hypochlorite you must turn the salt generator OFF for 24 hours and premix it (1 pound at a time in a five gallon plastic bucket) then pour it in the pool. You should not have to add any chlorine tablets to the pool, however if you do it is best to put it into a feeder after the cell. However if you have to add chlorine tablets to the pool to supplement either your unit is way undersized or there is a problem with the generator.

Can you put a chlorine tablet in the skimmer?

Yes...I found that if you keep your chlorine a bit high in your pool it will stay clear...and by putting the tablets in the skimmer it just helps by releasing the chlorine.

When you buy a regular pool with regular pump can you just add salt to pool instead of chlorine tablets?

No, You have to have a salt/Chlorine generator or you'll just be swimming in a slime salt water body of water.

What are the advantages of using chlorine tablets as opposed to granulated chlorine in a swimming pool?

To disolve chlorine more gradual into the swimming pool it's better to use chlorine tables because the smaller surface of a tablet in comparison to a powder will make the tablet dissolve more slowly.