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Assuming this car is an automatic, You add the fluid where you check the trasmision fluid. You have to get a Funnel that is designed for the transmission tube. Go to Auto zone, Wal-Mart. It will say Transmission funnel on it. about 2 bucks or less. To check it properally, Start the car, leave it in park, Make sure it is warmed up. Many people make the mistake of not checking the fliud when it's running and at operating temperatures. It's always wise to have the fluid drained and the Transmission filter replaced every 30,000 miles. Usually cost about 20 bucks for your do it yourselfers. Many people spend $1000 bucks or more to have a new transmission put it, because they don't know to change the fluid and filter, just like the oil and filter. I work in a mechanics shop, and i see so much hundreds of dollars being pumped into a car because of lack of simple inexpensive maitenience on a vehicle. Hope that helps out some. RWD cars the Dipstick is usually on the back firewall of a Vehicle. FWD the dipstick is usually located on the drivers side next to the engine. I hope that helps out some.

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Q: Where do you add transmission fluid to a 98 Toyota Corolla?
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How do you add fluid to a corolla Toyota manual transmission?


Where do you add transmission fluid in a 1991 Toyota corolla?

In the dipstick tube.

How do you add check the transmission fluid on a 1995 Toyota corolla - manual transmission?

Usually you drain and replace it...;)

Where do you add-check transmission fluid for a 1995 corolla - manual transmission?

the plug to add and check the transmission fluid is on the side of the transmission and only accessable from under the vehicle.

How do you add transmission fluid to the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

You have to buy a kit/pump from the dealer or Toyota.

Type of automatic transmission fluid 1996 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder Where do you add transmission fluid?

4 quarts

How do you add transmission fluid to a 1984 Toyota Corolla?

Use a funnel and put the fluid in the same hole as the the dipstick where you check it... This is for automaitc of course. If i goes in slow or not at all the vent is plugged on the top of the transmission....This can also cause the trasnmission to "blow off" fluid through the seals.

How much fluid do you add to manual transmission on 87 Toyota fourrunner?

I have a 1987 Toyota 4 runner...I need to replace my manual transmission fluid....and I needto replace it with Lucas Transmission much do I need to buy?

Where do you add manual transmission fluid on a 1992 Toyota Celica GT?

Should be a plug at the side of the transmission

How do you fill Toyota automatic transmission?

Add fluid the very same place you check the fluid level.

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1999 Toyota Camry le?

A 1999 Toyota Camry LE will have a inlet for the transmission fluid located next to the transmission housing. Before adding fluid to the system it is important to drain the older fluid. Be sure to add the correct amount and avoid over filling the system.

How do you add automatic transmission fluid in 1986 Toyota corolla?

You add the transmission fluid through the tube the dipstick comes out of. Make sure you check your trans fluid level before adding any fluid. Once you've determined how much to add, use a funnel with a long (18") flexible neck and narrow opening. Place the funnel in the dipstick tube and slowly add the transmission fluid so as to not overflow the funnel. Recheck level. Replace dipstick into tube when you're done.

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