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Where do you add transmission oil on a 1988 Acura Legend 5 speed?

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There is a plug on the side of the transmission and you will need a funal with a long hose. Do not put Transmission Fluid in the trans. I believe that they use 30 weight oil for these cars. Be sure to check with your local auto parts store.

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What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 1988 Acura Legend?

It is important to use the correct amount of fluid in a car. The 1988 Acura Legend takes about 3.2 quarts of transmission fluid.

Why 1988 Acura legend downshifts?

Why 1988 acura legend downshifts

1988 Acura Legend bleed cooling system?

How do you bleed the cooling system of a 1988 acura legend? Is there a bleeding screw and where is it located?

Is a 1990 Acura legend compatible with a 1988 Acura legend?

Some parts are, the 2.7liter is but some of it's electrical components are not

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1988 Acura Legend?

99 acura Ti

What is the engine size of an 1988 Acura Legend?

2.7 litre.

How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1998 Acura Legend?

"Considering that there is no such thing as a 1998 Acura Legend, I would dare say that it is impossible." I have a 1988 Acura Legend LS and I am dealing with the same issue. If you figure it out, help me out!

1988 acura legend s3 light flashes and will not shift past 3rd gear TCU code is 4?

1988 Honda acura legend S-3 light keeps coming on what should I do

Where is a ignition module in a 1988 Acura Legend?

check cars-repairs

Where is the main relay on 1988 Acura Legend?

under the steering wheel i guess

Where is fuel filter located on 1988 Acura Legend?

The fuel filter for a 1988 Legend is located under the hood. It is bolted to the firewall near the top of the engine.

How do you change transmission oil in Acura Integra LS 1988?

To change the transmission oil on a 1988 Acura Integra drain the older fluid by loosening the drain bolt. Wait until it is done drain and cap the hole. Insert new transmission fluid in the transmission reservoir.

Where do you add transmission fluid in a 1988 Acura five-speed?

For an automatic transmission, look for the dip-stick tube. Remove the dip stick, insert a funnel, and fill to the recommended amount. For a manual transmission, look for the plug next to the transmission housing. Remove the plug, insert a funnel, and fill to the level of the hole.

What is the firing order for a 1988 Acura Legend?

The firing order for a 1988 Acura Legend is 1-4-2-5-3-6Additional info FYI: Ignition timing: 15 degrees BTDC #1 cylinder location: RIGHT-REAR

Would a 1987 Acura Legend door panel fit on a 1988 Acura Legend?

IF BOTH ARE 4 DR/2 DR YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO INTERCHANGE BETWEEN THOSE TWO YEARS **********************KKODAL********************************

Ecu error code 17 in 1988 Acura Integra?

The ecu code 17 in the 1988 acura integra is for the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). Hope this helps you.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 1988 Acura Legend?

It's under the driverside dash, towards the left..

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1988 Acura Integra RS 5-speed?

i just saw a

Will a 4 speed transmission from a 1988 Chevy 1500 2 wheel drive interchange with a 4 speed transmission from a 1988 Chevy 1500 4 wheel drive?

No, the rear section is different.

Do you need any special tools to change a window in a 1988 acura legend?

no a Philips screw driver and a 10mm socket

What is the spark plug gap on a '88 Acura Legend?

SPARK PLUG GAP1988 Acura Legend 2.7L FI SOHC 6cylThe Spark Plug Gap.044 (In thousandths of an inch) Caution! Gap is not adjustable on certain plug brands

What is the firing order of a 1988 Acura Legend V6?

1-4-2-5-3-6 the distributer turns counterclockwise

Where's the speed sensor for 1988 crx?

It is a gear that plugs into the transmission. There is a cable coming from the firewall that goes to the transmission.

What kind of transmission does an 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer have?

Chrysler torqueflite 727, it is a 3 speed automatic transmission.

What kind of transmission comes in a 1988 k5 blazer 4x4?

There are 4 different options for the type of transmission that came in a 1988 K5 Blazer. They are the 4 speed SM465 manual, the 3 speed TH350 automatic, the 3 speed TH400 automatic and the 4 speed 700R4 automatic.