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Where do you attach the wire for a monster tachometer on a 1986 Toyota Corolla?


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2004-09-03 10:35:16
2004-09-03 10:35:16

TRy on the neg side of the coil.


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Remove the positive battery cable from your 1997 Toyota Corolla battery. Tighten the starter with the retaining bolts. Attach the cables to the front of the starter. Reattach the positive cable to the battery.

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there is no auxiliary port on the stock deck of the corolla, if you want to keep everything stock, go purchase a line out converter and attach it to your OEM deck

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To reset the check engine light in your 2006 Toyota Corolla, you will need to attach the car to a diagnostic computer. This allows you to pinpoint the reason for the light coming on, select the correct sensor, and reset the light.

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find the "diagnosis" connection box under the hood left side of engine. open; attach jumper wire to "e1" + "te1" & count flashes of check eng light to obtain codes.

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Attach another remote or connect your system to the internet.

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