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the 1st thing that comes to mind with a car w more than 60000 miles is the timing belt if ur car is turning over at a higher rate of speed than normal it usually means that only half of the motor is moving the crank to b exact not real familiar w the exact setup of that car but most 4bangers have a cover that the top half can be removed to inspect the belt check 4 spark issues as well as fuel pressure issues be carful not to turn motor over any more until u know the belt is not the problem some engine are very close tolerance an futher damage$$$ can occur to ur valvetrain would suggest getting a good chiltons manual (not a fan of haynes)to help walk u through all of these problems are easily fixed if u have the patience good luck

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โˆ™ 2004-12-05 16:40:51
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Q: Where do you begin to look for the problem if your 93 Civic just stopped while driving and now the starter turns over but the car will not start?
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