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Where do you buy bantam hens?

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There are many places, such as:

-Local chicken keepers, farms, and farmers markets

-Fairs and bird shows


-Websites such as Craigslist, My Pet Chicken, Eggbid, and BackyardChickens Forum

2010-08-20 16:37:50
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Q: Where do you buy bantam hens?
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Where can I buy Bantam roosters and hens locally near Memphis TN?

I have a Bantam White Crested Black Hen for sale right now. I live in Midtown.

Where can you buy female bantam hens?

Murry McMurray Hatchery has a large selection of bantam hens. You can order them in straight runs or by sex. I think the minimum order is 25. I'm sure there are other hatchery's on-line if you search the web.

What are bantams roosters used for?

bantam hens

Is it dangerous for regular rooster to mate with bantam?

No. Regular sized roosters can mate with Bantam hens, and Bantam roosters can mate with regular sized hens. The resulting offspring will be a small to medium sized chicken.

Can you mix regular hens with a bantam at the chick age?

Yes,but keep an eye on them. If they harass the bantam, separate them.

Is it okay to mix a bantam rooster with two rhode island red hens in the same coop?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to keep bantam roosters with RIR hens. The rooster, although small, may still be able to breed the larger hens.

Will it hurt our bantam hens if there are fertilized by a rhode island red I mean will the eggs be bigger?

You should never incourage a Large Fowl rooster to breed with Bantam hens. He could very seriously damage/hurt the hens, and probably kill them in the process of mating. Breeding a LF male to Bantam females can not make the egg size of the hens bigger. The hen will lay the same size egg all her life.

Do bantam chickens sit on their eggs?

Yes. Bantam breeds are just small variations of standard breeds produced by selected breeding. The natural imperative to brood is not bred out of the bantam varietals. Bantam Silky hens make excellent brooders as do the bantam Cochin breeds.

Are Polish chickens bantams?

Not all Polish hens are bantam. Polish chickens are available in Standard and Bantam sizes. Most popular breeds of chickens are available in a bantam form. Some obvious exception to this are Jersey Giant and Brahma.

How long do Bantam hens care for their young?

it really varies. Anywhere from 4-8 weeks. My bantam hen has cared for her 2 chicks now going on for 8 weeks.

Can Bantam Hens have regular size chicks?

no their babies are bat chickens which are 12 feet tall and prey on llamas

Will a Rhode Island Red rooster fertilize a bantam hen safely?

Yes. In most cases if the hen will allow the rooster to mount her. Bantam hens are not a fragile as they appear. The are full grown hens and can take the weight of a standard Rhode Island Red rooster for the few seconds it take to rooster to perform his duties.

Who is the best broody hens?

I have Silkie Chickens who are very broody, they are little bantam chickens that look like little cotton balls.

Will free range bantams and regular chickens mix?

mine do! my top rooster who owns the yard is a bantam and almost all of his hens are regular size.

Where to buy guinea hens in temecula?

I cannot find anything that says you can buy guinea hens in Temecula yourself, only online.

Can bantam hens breed with a large breed rooster?

Yes. If the standard size rooster can catch the faster bantam hen they can successfully breed. In many cases the larger rooster can straddle the smaller hen rather than stand on her back for cloaca contact.

What is the size of a silkie chicken?

About the size o a volleyball Sources: own them Added: Silkies come in both Bantam and Standard sizes. However, the Standard size itself isn't very big with Roosters averaging 4 pounds and hens averaging 3 pounds. The Bantam variety that is more common in the US and represented in the APA, lists Roosters at 36 oz and hens at 32 oz.

Where can you buy wheel hub for ford bantam 2001?

A junk yard or online.

Where can you buy a hen?

You can buy hens (live) from poultry sales at markets.

What chickens ar right for me?

It depends what your looking for and what is available in your location. If your looking for an affectionate breed that is good with children and makes a great pet i would suggest either a handtamed Silkie Bantam, Wyandotte Bantam, Modern Game Bantam, Old English Game Bantam or Japanese Bantam. If your looking for a chicken breed to set as broody hens (to sit on eggs and get chicks) Silkie Bantams, Wyandottes and even Rhode Island Reds may be suitable (Defiantely the Silkie's though). If you are looking for a chicken to lay eggs i'd recommend the average layer hens (also known as ISA Reds/ISA Browns who are bred not to go broody so you will never get chicks and will have a continous supply of eggs), Australorps and maybe even Orpingtons.

Can you breed bantam rooster to leghorn hen?

Yes, it can be done but the bantam rooster may have trouble mounting the standard hen. Bantam roosters are gregarious and often present themselves as the "boss" bird. Many standard hens will assume the mating position close to the ground thus enabling the bantam rooster to mount the saddle area on the back of the hen. From this position the rooster must be large enough to touch cloaca to cloaca in order to deliver the sperm packet.

What is a sentence for bantam?

What is a sentens for bantam

Where can you buy a bantam chicken in Charlotte?

mcmurray hatchery 1800-456-3280

Does a bandy rooster lay on the eggs in the nest while the hens are not?

No, Bantam roosters do not take care of eggs, his job is to fertilize those eggs, guard the chickens from predators, and crow.

Where is the Bantam Historical Society Inc in Bantam Connecticut located?

The address of the Bantam Historical Society Inc is: Route 202, Bantam, CT 06750