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They're called M&M's. Take about 400 of these a day and in no time your butt will be huge. LOL!!! Yea, there are plenty of people who will try to sell you something and claim that it does exactly what you want, but there really isn't anything that will target your but for additional padding. Personally, I like Snickers for rapid weight gain. Maybe 4 of the large ones a day and you should be causing the ground to shake whenever you walk in no time. LOL! Great first post! Your butt is made of muscle. And the shape of your butt depends on several factors, including lifestyle and how active you are and (unfortunately) genetics. I have a totally flat butt. So does my mother. And my grandmother. No pills will make your butt larger, although I would love a pill that transferrs butt fat to my chest! :o) Well, Facts are facts and pills probably won't make your butt larger, but you can buy a bigger butt with fat injections for around 6500.00 or you can buy a padded butt from Fredricks of Hollywood for $40.00. The main thing is really to be happy the way you are or do some squats like 100 or more per day.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-15 05:40:07
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Q: Where do you buy pills that will increase your butt size?
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No pills will increase butt size (or boob size). You can do exercises (like squats) to work your butt muscles (glutes) enlarge the muscle. You can also buy padded underwear like Jessica Simpson wore in "Dukes."

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