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Where do you catch a Ralts at Route 103 in Pokemon?

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You can't, you have to catch him in 102, there are none in 103, at least not that I know of, check your Pokedex.

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How do you catch Dragonite LeafGreen?

u can catch it on route 103

In Pokemon FireRed how do you get Nidoran female?

You can catch her on route 103, really rare though so look hard! :)

How do you get to route 103 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant

Where is route 103 in pokemon leafgreen?


Were is route 103 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in pallet dudet town

How do you get the TM Cut in Pokemon Ruby Destiny?

you get it from the house on route 103

Where to get ralts?

it hard to find it 103 it will take a lot a time

What is Pokemon 103 in the Pokemon Ranger browser?

porygon you can get him in the dusk factory after you catch the lendary dog

Where is the cave on Route 103 located in Pokemon Emerald?

It is Altering Cave which you can enter only after you beat the Pokemon league.

Cave route 103 emerald?

its very easy :) hafter beating Pokemon league go to slateport city and head at route 103. go to that lake at this route and what is that?IT'S A NEW CAVE!!!! and the cave its named ALTERING CAVE

Where is route 103 in Pokemon Emerald?

go north from littleroot town .. just keep going

How do you catch a sharpeedo on ruby?

Go to route 103 and use super rod to fish. U can find it there easily.

Pokemon no 45 53 65 102 103 134 135?

45=burmy how to catch=honey tree 53=combee how to catch=honey tree 65=drifloon how to catch=friday in front of valley windworks 102=chatot how to catch=trade at eterna building where name rater is 103=pichu how to catch=route 212 134=finneon how to catch=canavalve city lake(use good rod/super rod) 135=lumineoen how to catch=canavalve city lake(use super rod)

How can you catch poocheyena in Pokemon ruby version?

You can catch one on Routes 101, 102, and 103. It's a very common Pokemon, so you won't have trouble finding one.

When and where can you battle your rival Pokemon trainer in sapphire?

You can battle your rival 4 times. Once on Route 103, Route 110 (next to the trick house), Route 126 and Lilycove City.

Where is Every item in Pokemon Emerald?

Items _______________________________________________________________________ Potion-Littleroot Town Oldale Town Route 102 Route 104 Route 116 Route 109 Amulet Coin-Littleroot Town Guard Spec.-Route 103 PP Up-Route 103 Route 104 Route 109 Route 115 Route 123 Lilycove City Victory Road Meteor Falls Max Revive-Petalburg City

Where do you get a Pokemon that can know surf in Pokemon sapphire version?

you could go to route 103 i think get a lotad and teach it surf, a zigzagoon also can learn it

Where to catch a poochyena?

Sorry. There are no wild Poochyena in Sinnoh. In Hoenn, go to Route 101, 102, or 103 and catch one. Then, if you want to, you can catch 5 other random Pokemon or just send others that you have and have both the DS game and the GBA game in and go to the main menu of the DS game if Pal Park is open. Then press Migrate from ________ and follow the directions to get your Pokemon. If you caught random Pokemon that you don't want, you can always release them. Have fun!

Where do you find the Pokemon 103 in Pokemon rangers?

Pokemon 103, Porygon, is found in the Dusk Factory.

How do you catch totodile on Pokemon emerald?

i met one (wild) wen walking pass 103 but didnt have a poke ball with me...

What is the cave on route 103 on Pokemon emerald?

It is the Altering Cave you can go there after you beat the elite 4. The cave contains only zubats.

How do you find May in Pokemon Emerald Version?

First, you go to oldale town.Then, go straight to route 103 and last there is May

Where to catch wingull in emerald?

Wingull is a water and flying type of Pokémon that is fairly common. To get one in Emerald version you could go to route 103.

Where to find tentacool?

In RSE you can find Tentacool on Route 103.

What does jeezy mean by TM 103?

Thug Motivation and 103 is the level of that. And Technical Machine 103 for Pokemon. i honestly don't know which one jeezy is going with (I'd say the Pokemon one) (((sarcasm)))