Where do you catch heracross on Pokemon emerald?

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Heracross is in the Safari Zone. Use an Acro Bike to get across the poles (white lines) and go North. The areas there hold Heracross (they are rare and hard to catch so beware).
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Where do you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

In Poke'mon Emerald you have to use cheats to catch deoxys and have the birth island card and if you have the card already the talk to a sailor by a boat and he will take you there. Note: Deoxys comes at level 30 and is extremely easy to kill so i would bring a Pokemon will hipnosis so that yo ( Full Answer )

Where can you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

You can catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald version at a Place called Birth Island. You have to have a Birth island pass card to go there first of all you can get that with cheats but to get it you have to talk to an old man in moss deep city and he will give you the pass but you also have to talk to a ( Full Answer )

How can you catch Groudon in Pokemon Emerald?

First you have to go beat the elite four than go to the weather institute west of fortree city. there will be 2 floors go to the top floor talk to the scientist by the computer. He will say there have been reports of droughts. then go to serebii.net and look up Pokemon emerald terra cave it will sho ( Full Answer )

How can you catch Kyogre in Pokemon Emerald?

1. You must have made sure that you have beaten the elite four at least once. 2. Go to the weather lad place where you got castform. (Its by Fortree City) 3. Go upstairs, and talk to the man all the way to the left. 4. He'll either say a route has harsh sunlight, or intense rain. If it's harsh sunli ( Full Answer )

Where can you catch Kyogre in Pokemon Emerald?

you must beat the elite 4 then you can go to the weather studio where you get castform and talk to the weather guy and he will tell you something like a drought for groudon or rain for kyogre he will tell you the route where it is and you look around and you will find it

How do you catch the regies in Pokemon Emerald?

Before the three Regis can be caught, the Sealed Chamber on Route 134 must be unlocked. You must enter the second room of the Sealed Chamber with Relicanth at the top of the party and Wailord at the bottom of the party. This causes an earthquake to occur that opens the doors of the three Regis' hidd ( Full Answer )

Where can you catch a bagon in Pokemon emerald?

Meteor falls Entrance at route 114: enter the cave and go left across the bridge. go down the 1st set up steps and continue left. surf and go up the waterfall. enter and go down the ladder on the right. go down the steps and head left, then up and use the next ladder. head past the old couple an ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Emerald?

In the Hoenn Dex, there are 200 pokemon. Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke, Clamperl and Seadra don't evolve without trading, so you can't get Alakazam, Golem, Machamp, Huntail, Gorebyss and Kingdra without trading. Also, you can't catch both Latias and Latios, so you need to trade to get them. For the ful ( Full Answer )

How do you catch kygore on Pokemon emerald?

Go to the weather station ( the big building on 119 ). Walk up the stairs and talk to the guy in the lab coat in the top left corner of the room. He will say something like " I track weather patterns in Hoenn. There has been a heavy rainfall on route ______." Go to the route he said and there will p ( Full Answer )

Where to catch heracross in Pokemon diamond?

you put honey on a honey tree and wait 4 like a day then u might find a heracross. if you don't u can trade with ur friends or use the gts system thing.

How do you catch Heracross in Pokemon pearl?

buy honey from a guy in floroma town and smear it on a yellow tree. come back a few hours later and it MIGHT be a heracross. or get it from trade

Where Do You Catch Heracross on Pokemon Silver?

In Silver, I believe you have to headbutt a tree to knock one out .. the locations include: Routes 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46 They're pretty rare, so keep trying. Best of luck to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

How do you catch heracross?

heracross is a rare Pokemon that will only be found in trees after they have been slathered with honey. so first you go to the Floaroma City meadow and buy some honey for only $100. then you find honey trees and put honey on them. you will know they are honey trees because it will say "there is a sw ( Full Answer )

Where can you catch Latios in Pokemon Emerald?

This is a question ive asked many times with out success. BUT- I do know a way to increase the chances of getting it: first you need to of completed the game-then when you next go on you will be at your house. Your mum will ask you a question about the programme that you just watched on tv- i ( Full Answer )

How do you catch ralts in Pokemon emerald?

You just have to go back to Petalburg City where your Dad is and where Wally caught a Ralts at the beginning of the game. It only lives in THAT patch of grass though, and it's really rare to find even in that single patch. So be ready to spend a couple hours hunting.

Where do you catch vibrava in Pokemon emerald?

Vibrava evolves out of Trapinch, and to catch Trapinch you have to go to the desert once you get the gogo goggles from Brendan at Lavabridge town. There are alot of Trapinches there. Hope I helped! :)

How do you catch rayqauza in pokemon emerald?

you can catch raquaza by going to pacifidlog and surfing east past the boy and girl, then go straight until you hit a small gray rock, then go down a few spaces, then go east and you'll see three brown boulders. Go two steps past them and go up through the zigzag of rocks and you'll see an island! T ( Full Answer )

How do you catch the Pokemon on emerald?

Answer: Catch them in the wild by using a Pokeball. All you have to do is walk into the grass that you find nearly everywhere and then you will enter a battle with a wild Pokemon. It is a good idea to lower their HP until you think it is weak enough to catch. Select 'Bag' and go into the Pokeball P ( Full Answer )

Where do you catch Heracross in Pokemon Silver?

If you speak to the man in the middle of Ilex Forest, he will ask you if you would like him to teach one of your Pokémon the move Headbutt. When you answer saying "Yes", choose a Pokémon that can learn the move, choose a move to delete. Once they have learnt the move travel to any of these rou ( Full Answer )

How do you catch Heracross on Pokemon pearl UK?

put honey on tree . it takes 6 hours and 15 minutes to find a Pokemon. don't wait that long, rarer Pokemon appear the longer u wait. do it on the tree in front of orbrough city. that's where i got mine

How to catch heracross?

you have to catch heracross by rubbing honey on the golden trees and wait it can be very time consuming it took me a little while to get my heracross and munchlax good luck and i hope you find your heracross btw you can buy honey from the guy you saved from the team galactic in floaroma town

How do you catch the emerald Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Just throw pokeballs at wild Pokemon now if your talking about rayquaza get it's hp down to 1 hp give it a status other than poison or burn use ultra ball for a while then use timer if it gets bad and laitos or latias don't use your master ball on them get sudowoodo(sorry if i mispelled) and put h ( Full Answer )

Where do you catch heracross on Pokemon FireRed?

you will have defeat the elite 4 onces only and unlock the sevii island(in case u don't know how to:u have to win the elite 4 and get sixty Pokemon and talk to prof.oak and ur rival is there.Don't worry he won't battle u just talk to prof.oak and he will update yr pokedex into national pokedex!!ding ( Full Answer )

How do you catch baulbasaur in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot catch a bulbasaur or any of the starter Pokemon from kanto or johto in Pokemon emerald. These Pokemon must be traded over from Pokemon versions leaf green and fire red. I wish starter Pokemon could be found in the wild, it would be so much better. :)

Where can you catch jigglytuff in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Route 115 and go down to the sandy part and SURF between the white rocks.You'll reach an island and you must defeat the trainers there.Then there will be a grassy area at the top.Go there and kill a couple of pokemon.Be patient.I've caught 4 in that area.

How do you i catch kyogre on Pokemon emerald?

after beating the elite 4, watch t.v. until it says "there is a big rainstorm on route .........". go to that route with a Pokemon who knows dive. you will find a place to dive. go down. it will say you are in the sea lair. in front of you will be kyogre. you have to go to the route quickly or else ( Full Answer )

Pokemon Emerald how to catch Togepi?

To catch a Togepi in Pokemon Emerald, you have to talk to the man in the Pokemon center in Lilycove. After this wait 24 hours and talk to your mom and she'll give you one.

Where to catch latios in Pokemon Emerald?

After You Win the Pokemon League For the first time your Mom will ask you this: "They saw a rare pokemon! what color do you think it is?" (I think its that ) Select Blue. then go anywhere in Hoenn! you have approx. 0.5 % chance of finding it. Bring a masterball! it will run away like Abra! tobyunk ( Full Answer )

Where to catch agron Pokemon Emerald?

you can not get a agron in the wild but you can catch aron in the cave on the same island as Dewford town. i am also pretty sure you can catch a lairon in victory road.

How do you catch a Heracross on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Use headbutt on a Headbutt Tree in Johto. This is how I catched Heracross; Go into the gym in Azalea Town (Props to the second answer for bringing this idea) then leave. Stay where you are when you leave. Now, take 9 clicks to the left. Then, take 2 clicks up. This was the tree I catched my level 4 ( Full Answer )

How do you catch golduck in Pokemon emerald?

You can't Golduck but you can get a Psyduck go in the safari zone and find the water toward the left use surf and move around the lake until Psyduck appears capture it train it to level 33 and now you have a Golduck.

What legendary can catch in Pokemon Emerald?

You can capture Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Rayquaza, Groudon, Kyogre (2 of them to be specific), Latios/Latias (after beating the Pokemon league choosing blue or red after watching TV determines what Lati you get).

How do you catch the roaming Pokemon in emerald?

Chase them down with a fast Pokemon and do damage to them a little bit each time until they have a low amount of HP. Keep hunting them down in this way, throwing a different strong PokeBall until you catch them (it'll happen eventually). . Find them once and use a master ball.