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In the space center (where you team up with Steven) there is a guy in a white coat he will tell you, and by the way, that "go to the moon get jirachi and deoxys" stuff doesn't work. i am lying

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Q: Where do you check on the number of rocket launches in Mossdeep City in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is the launch number in Mossdeep in Pokemon Emerald?

You Have To Ask 1 Of The Scientist On The First Floor

When will you go to space?

You can't go to space in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, Or Emerald. The number of launches is how many weeks you've played.

How do you get to go on the moon in Pokemon emerald?

You don't. The rumor that you can get Deoxys by lining up the level of the Lati@s you caught with the number of successful rocket launches as told by the guy in the mossdeep space center is a lie. The only way to get Deoxys is by using the Aurora Ticket and going to Birth Island. (Or using Action Replay to do so)

What Pokemon has ID No 30570 in emerald?

there are only 336 Pokemon in emerald. there id number is there number. that number is your trainers number. check your trainer card.

What Pokemon is number 29 in Pokemon emerald?


What Pokemon is number 151 in emerald?

the unfortunate Pokemon number 151 is MEW and you can't get it.

How does the number of rocket launches go up in Pokemon Emerald?

sorry to break the news but watever you've heard about going 2 the moon on emerald with rocket launches isn't true or being able 2 get deoxys somehow if the rocket launch goes perfect because in the American version it doesnt go perfect all those deoxys things you hear with the rocket launches is only true for the japenese nd Chinese versions of Pokemon emerald nd not for emerald but if you fill out the questionaire at the Pokemon center by saying LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL then you save start your game back up nd youll beable 2 select the mystery gift nd if you have a wireless adapter you can get deoxys im sure by using the wireless adapter to open the mystery gift

What is Pokemon number 133 in emerald?


What Pokemon is number 026 in emerald?


Do Pokemon you catch have the same id number as you in Pokemon emerald?

NO. they are different.

What is Pokemon number 360 in Pokemon emerald?

Wynaut, the pre-evolution of Wobuffet is number 360.

What is the hm number of fly in Pokemon emerald?


What no TM is thief in emerald Pokemon?

number 46

What is the white rock in mossdeep city on Pokemon sapphire?

It serves no known purpose besides decoration. It was rumored to have connections to Deoxys or Jirachi - if the Scientist inside the Space Station says that the successful launches has reached a certain number, you get a chance to catch Jirachi or Deoxys. However, this rumor is false. The said Pokemon can only be caught through cheating or events.

What is the number code of Pokemon city department in Pokemon emerald?

The code is the following 1,6,4,9,3

What Pokemon is number 180 in Ruby sapphire and Emerald?


What is Pokemon number 69 on a normal pokedex for emerald?


What is pokedex number 069 in Pokemon emerald?

bellsprout is #069

How do get in the rocket in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Mossdeep space centre. Talk to the guy directly ahead of you. He says succsesful launch number _. The number goes up each week, When it reaches 50 he offers you to go in the rocket (that time it's Deoxys.) Next time it's Jirachi.

In Pokemon Emerald's pokedex what Pokemon is number 180?

Number 180 in Pokemon Emerald is Flaffy the evolvtion of mareep and the pre-evolvtion of ampharos.

WHAT Pokemon can you breed in emerald?

There are a number of Pokemon that can be bred in the Emerald version of the game. These include Mew and Pichu. The Pokemon must be in the same class and there must be a male and female to breed.

What number gym leader is Winona in Pokemon emerald?

Number 6 in the hoen region

How do you get to the moon pillar in Pokemon Emerald?

go to the space stashon and keap on talking to the guy who seas that's sucsesfol lanch number (and a randum number) after talking to him a bunch he will let you go to space go in to the cave and you can catch deoxe.hope I helped.AnswerThere's a rumor that every week the guy in the space center(at mossdeep) will change the number of successful launches. At 56 launches, you will be able to go up to space and catch either Jirachi or Deoxys you don't get deoxys you can only get Jirachi thereANSWERnope, all lies, im sorry, but the moon is only a gameshark hack, sorryalso, please join! :) join Pokemon moon! cant go to the moon pillar in the English version its only available in the Japanese version.

How do you get pollywhirl the pokemon on emerald?

The water type Pokemon Poliwhirl is number 061. In the Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald games for Nintendo Gameboy, the only way to obtain a Poliwhirl is by trade.

What is Pokรฉmon number 380 in Pokรฉmon emerald?

Pokemon # 380 is Latias.