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Where do you check transmission fluid on a 1999 Olds Cutlass?


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2006-01-12 02:37:07
2006-01-12 02:37:07

You can't, you have to get it serviced after 100,000 miles..Yes I know it is stupid.


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How do you check the transmission fluid level on 1999 jetta GLS?

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How do i check the transmission fluid in a manual 99 Hyundai Accent?

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The transmission dipstick is on the front of the engine on the drivers side. This is the place to check as well as add transmission fluid.

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To replace the transmission fluid in the 1999 3100 V-6 Olds Cutlass, first remove the transmission drain plug from the underside of the vehicle. Drain all of the old fluid. Then, replace the drain plug and add new fluid through the transmission dipstick holder in the engine compartment.

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