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You have to craft a scan tool with some titanium. Just play subnautica and you will know.

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Reset Service Engine Soon light on a suzuki grand vitara?

There are a couple of ways to reset the Service Engine Soon light on a Suzuki Grand Vitara. The easiest way is to get a scan tool from your local auto parts store. Using the scan tool will reset the service engine light. Disconnecting your vehicle's battery is another way that often works to reset the Service Engine Soon light.

Why does the 2006 grand vitara engine light come on?

engine emissions not good .. get obd2 scan most probley your cat converter

How do you reconfigure the front control module in a 2011 jeep wrangler?

That is a dealer only function. They have to use there scan tool and connect to Chrysler through the internet.That is a dealer only function. They have to use there scan tool and connect to Chrysler through the internet.

How do you check the engine codes on a 2000 Camry?

need factory scan tool or aftermarket scan tool need factory scan tool or aftermarket scan tool

What actors and actresses appeared in Slit Scan Movie - 2000?

The cast of Slit Scan Movie - 2000 includes: Christian Hossner Christina von Greve


You connect an OBD2 scan tool to the diagnosis port.

Service engine soon light 2000 BMW 323I?

You need to scan the codes. Check with Autozoen for FREE scan.

How do you diagnosed service engine soon light on in your 2002 suzuki aerio?

Take it in Or buy a Scan tool and check it yourself!

How do you re programme key for jeep 2000 with one original key?

The dealers scan tool is required.The dealers scan tool is required.

How do you reset your canon ir2016j?

no software to allow connect computer using scan and printer forget that

What do you do if scan for PS3 does not work?

You connect from the PS3 using it's network connections under the settings menu

Is there any way to connect two tivos together under one subscription?

NO , scan the internet , you will read all about it

Do you still use the RF port on a HDTV?

If there are stations in your area, connect an antenna to it and go into the menu then select SCAN.

Why don't have communication with the scan tool?

I have toyota camry 2003se. There is no communication obd2. Scan doesn't connect. Tested all wires, from obd2 connector to ecu, replaced ecu to test, ecu ok.

How do you clear the codes on a 2000 Mercury Villager?

This can be done with a scan tool or by unhooking the battery for a minute.

What is a cc scan?

A "CC Scan", or Cross-Connect Scan is a type of scan that 800 megahertz band trunked system radios use to find connectivity with other systems that share interoperability resources. The EDACS or Enhanced Digital Access Communications System is a advanced radio system that uses a network of low and high power base stations hooked together by fiber optics and other carriers to provide communications coverage over a wide area for Police, Fire, EMS, Transit, Water and other agencies that need it. The CC Scan looks for other networks to use when the primary network is unavailable. If the CC Scan cannot find another network to connect to, it goes to a third-tier WA or Wide Area Scan, looking for connectivity.

How do you turn off the automatic locks in a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

The dealer can turn it off with a scan tool.

Reset check engine light 2000 sienna?

After repairing the cause of the code, you can clear it with a scan tool.

2000 Ford Explorer scan codes p0000?

Trouble code P0000 means: No fault found

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