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Where do you connect the blue wire on the tachometer for the bulb?


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The blue wire is usually just an auxiliary wire. The blue wire does not need to be connected. Tape the end of the blue wire off.


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There are 3 (maybe4) wires on your tachometer. One +, one - and one gives the signal to the rpm. You must connect this third wire to the ECM (ECU) rpm outlet (White wire) or directly to the ignition coils negative wire (blue - yellow) If there is a fourth wire on the rpm, that is the backlight. Connect it to the dashboards backlight system. Good luck.

the green is the signal wire and it goes to the negative side of the ignition coil

connect the light bulb to the positive wire like a inline fuse and then connect the wire to the battery it should just burn out the bulb

On the 88 jeep the trigger wire at the tach is blue.

if you mean the red wire used for a ceiling fan you connect the red wire to the blue wire

on my tach, the green wire connects to the neg on the ign coil pack

I connect the red wire to the blue wire to deactivate a bomb.

Connect the trigger wire to the yellow/blue wire that is joined to the Blue wire from the coil. Don't use the yellow blue at the coil, the connection you want is a junction point where the blue meets the yellow blue. It is at the plug that hooks to the coil. Just connected mine and it works fine - 2.6L 4 cyl. Connect the trigger wire to the at the Blue wire from the coil. Just connected mine and it works fine - 2.6L 4 cyl.

Connect the green wire to the negative side of the coil.

The brown will connect to the redblack wire and the blue to the white

To install a tachometer in a '87 Monte Carlo SS, run the tachometer wiring around or through the dash board. Next, connect the tachometer's black wire to the battery ground of the vehicle.

You take a wire and stick it to the positive end of the batter. Then connect another wire to the negative end of the battery. Connect both wires to the lightbulb.

To connect a wire to an electric bulb you will need a battery, wires with alligator pegs and the bulb, plus plasticine or blue tack. You must stick the plasticine to the end of the battery and then also you must stick the other side of the battery with plasticine (the wires must be under the plasticine). next use the alligator pegs to hold both sides of the bulb. thus your bulb works. You should find this information pretty helpful.AnswerYou wire a lamp holder, and insert the lamp (not 'bulb' -you plant bulbs!) into the lamp holder.

you take the blue wire and connect it with the red then connect it to the yellow then you cut the green wire and there you go!

Pontiac sunbird-92-up-2.0l-white wire pin A6@ECU(smaller blue connector)

White wire coming from the distributor.... remove a section of sleeve from wire and splice the signal wire from tachometer to it!

There should be a blue wire behind your original gauges. That's where you hook up your green signal wire

run it to the blue wire on your distributor. That's the tach lead.

i dont know whwere is the tachometer wire of 2001 ford windstar

connect the blue wire to the red wire before you press "START"

yes you can. first of all find a light bulb. Then you get a battery and wire. connect the wire half way to the lens of the battery. it will sting so let go. Then rap the bulbover the bulb and switch the lens and wire, so it can get the energy. Your bulb will light!

Light blue is for steering wheel controls or a wire remote control.

Connect it to the blue wire on the distributor.Blue wire on the distributor:http://www.jdmuniverse.com/forums/acura-integra-integra-type-r-da-dc2/91736-need-help-wiring-my-jdm-cluster.htmlb18 distributorhttp://www.importtuner.com/tech/impp_0602_honda_civic_b18_cams_install/photo_13.html

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