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on top of the engine block

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Q: Where do you connect the breather hoses in a 1993 1124cc model engine?
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What are the hoses that connect to the valve cover on a Daewoo Leganza 2000?

breather pipes.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Elantra?

driver side of engine where in/out radiator hoses connect.

What is that piece that the three water hoses connect to by the engine on 99 suburban?

thats the heater control valve

What is a website you can go to for a visual showing how to bypass the heater core in a 91 Corsica?

You don't need a diagram. Just remove the inlet and outlet heater hoses going from the engine compartment to the heater core. Now connect these two hoses together using a coupler. Do not just plug these hoses, or the engine will overheat, connect them together as described.

Where is the best place for a thermostat?

The thermostat is commonly located on the front of the engine. It can be located where either the upper or lower radiator hoses connect to the engine.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Honda Odyssey?

There are two hoses that connect the radiator to the engine block. On older cars, the thermostat would be where the top hose connects - ie where it is easy and convenient to get at, etc. Unfortunately, on your car the thermostat is located where the bottom radiator attaches to the engine block - closer to the firewall, under the breather, etc, where it is a total pain in the ass to get to.

Where is the thermostat on a 1982 Chevy Monte Carlo?

right on the top of the engine take off the breather pan and disconnect the vaccumme lines to expose the carburetor and look closer to the front of the engine it is kind of hidden by the vaccumme hoses. but it is right there.

How do you bypass the heater core 1992 325i?

There are hoses in the engine compartment that go to the heater core. You can remove the intake and out going hoses from the heater core. You have to either block off these hoses or connect them together, depending on the make of the vehicle.

How do you replace the valve cover gaskets on a 1990 Honda Accord LX Coupe?

Remove the sparkplug cables, breather hose, and remove the valve cover. The gasket is a permanent type and comes as a 5 piece kit that simply pushes into groves in the valve cover. Once installed, replace the valve cover and connect the breather hoses and sparkplug cables.

How do you connect the brake hoses on a 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 van to the hydraulic hoses?

Where is the heater core in your 96 explorer?

If you look from the engine compartment you will see the 2 heater hoses that connect to your heater core at the firewall towards the passenger side

How do you flush the heater core on 2003 s10 truck?

I would disconnect both heater hoses from the engine, then fabricate a way to connect a garden hose to one of the hoses leading to the heater, then gently turn on water supply for a minute, then attach garden hose to opposite heater hose and flush again, then reattach both hoses to engine and top off coolant reservoir.

What is the black box just forward of the engine on a 1995 achieva with a hose going from it to the breather and a hose with some kind of sensor inside it and also hoses to the manifold?

That engine does not have a Pcv valve,instead it uses that to recover the gases from the crankcase. this seperats the oil out of the blow by and drains it back to pan.

How do you find the the PCV valve on an engine?

PCV ValvesThe "PCV" valve can usually be found by following the hoses back from the air breather or filter assembly to the valve cover. It completely depends on the type and size of engine. Some are in the "valve cover" others are mounted on the underside of the intake manifold.

How do you install the air breather on a 1989 Chevrolet caprice classic?

There is a hoose leading from the upper portion of the Crankcase (where piston and engines are,the upper visible part) to the intake manifold. remove the end that conects to the intake manifold and add it the filter breather, the other end just leave it open or connect a small hose. I recomend a pass by filter it s like a round filter that allows you to connect to hoses to it so you just put this filter in the middle of the hose to filter that air.

Where is the heater core on a 2001 ford explorer?

Basically behind and below the glove compartment , you can see where the heater hoses connect to the heater core at the firewall from the engine compartment

What causes only cool to luke warm air to come out the vents on a 1999 Jeep Wrangler when the heater is on?

Flush out the heater coils. Disconnect the 2 hoses that go from the engine block labeled Heater that run from the front of the engine to the firewall. These are 5/8" hoses and a standard water hose repair female adaptor will fit nicely. Connect you water hose to this adapter and run clean water through the hoses until the water comes clean. Remove the adapter and connect the hoses back. You should bet very hot air back again.

Where is the radiator located on a 1999 ford explorer?

In the front area of the engine compartment . It has 2 good size rubber hoses that connect it to the engine. 1 that runs from the engine to the top of the radiator and a 2nd hose that runs from the bottom of the radiator on the other end to the water pump on the engine .

How do you bypass the heater core on a Chevy s10?

Disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses to the heater and couple them together Or, if the hoses are the same size, remove one completely, and disconnect the other from the heater core, then connect it to the other engine outlet (or inlet, as the case may be).

Where is the thermostat located on a 2001 Chevy Tracker?

on the front of the engine you will see where the rad hoses connect. It is located on the lower one that has a pipe bolted to it. It is expensive like 30 -35$$

What hoses connect to the bottom of the radiator on a manual transmission?

Nothing on a manual

What are the hoses that run from the firewall to the engine?

the large hoses feed your heater core to warm your car

Where is the radiator located on my Ford f 150 1999?

The radiator would be located at the front of your engine compartment on your Ford F-150 . It has ( 2 ) larger diameter radiator hoses ( one hose at the top of the radiator and one hose at the bottom of the radiator on the opposite end of the radiator ) that connect the radiator to the engine . The radiator hoses are rubber

How do you change the engine air filter for a 2002 V6 Toyota Camry?

more than likely you have to follow your induction hoses from your intake manifold to the air breather box more than likely it would near a maf (mass air flow sensor).

What are the two hoses extending from the air filter box?

One is a breather, and the other most likely connects to a device to measure the vacuum inside the airbox.