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Q: Where do you download return to Blockland at?
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How do you download songs on Blockland?

You go to Return To Blockland (RTB) where you can download anything for Blockland.

How do you downlod Blockland village?

You have to go to Return To Blockland to download stuff for Blockland.

Can you download return to Blockland for free?

you can DOWNLOAD it! download (the orange block) its return to blockland but renamed to orange block. i hope you enjoy it and my name in that game is david_cz

How do you play return to blockland?

You cannot play Return To Blockland because it is a website used for the purpose of downloading add-ons for Blockland.

How do you get addons on blockland?

You can get Addons from either: -Blockland Fourm's Add-On Page -Return To Blockland

What is the difference between blockland and return to blockland?

Blockland is a game developed by Eric Hartman. Return to Blockland is a third party mod for Blockland that includes a Mod Manager, a IRC Client and many other features.

Where do you go to get zombie mod for blockland?

You go to Return To Blockland (RTB).

What are the best places to get Blockland add-ons?

Return To Blockland (RTB).

Does Blockland need a key for return to Blockland to work?

yes. why wouldn't it.

How do you download add ons for Blockland?

If there's a download link, click it. If you go to a website, download it. Just download it. When you get to the download window. Click "SAVE" Save it. Then it will download it for you. after you do that, restart Blockland. and it will be in your "Blockland Add-Ons" tab in your "Start a server" Option.

Where do you find GSF Paradise add-on for blockland?

You can find it in Return To Blockland (RTB).

Can you Return To Blockland on Mac?


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