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You are kidding, you don

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Q: Where do you drill a hole in the transmission pan to drain out the fluid in a 2003 Ford Ranger?
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How much fluid for Ford Ranger automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission on Ford Ranger holds three quarts of transmission fluid. That is after you drain all the old transmission fluid out.

How do you Drain transmission fluid on 1990 ford ranger?

Remove the transmission oil pan

How to change Ford ranger automatic transmission?

Remove the Ford Ranger automatic transmission drain plug. The drain plug is in the bottom of the transmission. Allow the oil to drain out and replace the plug. Fill the transmission with new transmission fluid.

Where do you drain the automatic transmission fluid on a 1992 ford ranger xlt?

There isn't a drain plug , you have to drop the transmission pan

How do you drain the transmission on your 1998 ford ranger automatic transmission?

Unfortunately , most automatic transmissions don't have a drain plug in the transmission pan , so the pan has to be dropped with transmission fluid in the pan . Can be quite messy !

How do you locate the transmission fluid drain plug on a 1993 Chevy Silverado with an automatic transmission?

It does not have a drain plug. You have to remove the transmission pan from the bottom of the transmission to drain the fluid.

Where is the transmission fluid drain plug?

There is none for an automatic transmission. You will have to drop (take off) the transmission fluid pan to drain it.

How do you change and check manuel transmission fluid in ford ranger 2002?

Should be a drain plug in the bottom of transmission Should be a fill-check plug in the side of transmission

How do you drain transmission fluid in a Mercury villager?

There is a drain plug in the transmission pan.

Where is the transmission fluid drain plug on the 1986 Cadillac Eldorado?

Nope, no transmission drain plug. You have to drop the pan to drain the fluid and change the filter.

How do you drain transmission fluid when there is no drain plug on an Oldsmobile transmission?

You remove the pan on the bottom.

94 Honda Civic transmission drain?

94 civic transmission fluid drain

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