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Q: Where do you enter code number 's in Diamond?
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What is the code for entie in Pokemon Diamond?

A code for Entei...sorry but there´s no Code for a Entei in Diamond!

Unlocking code for Paris Hilton's diamond quest for Samsung G600?

What is the unlocking code for Paris Hilton`s diamond quest for SAMSUNG SGH E 390.I serch it.

How to enter the code for clarion CD player?

codigo desbloqueio s-10

How do you search up a friend in pirate101 and wizard101?

you will need to enter your friend(s) friend code(s)

How do you find out your friend code on Pokemon diamond?

Get a pal-pad and use it.Then click (your name here)'s friend code

How much did diamond necklaces cost in 1940?

Your answer depends on the quality and number of diamond(s) set in the metal and the quality of the metal.

How do you enter a code on socom you s navy seal fireteam bravo 2?

i do not know the answer sorry

Where do you get a sun ribbon?

Enter in some Wonder mail S code, and you'll get a job that will get you one.

Deoxys cheat code for action replay dsi?

well, fist you will have to enter this code ... fdff0000,bc000000. I know, it s really short.

In what order do the countries enter for the 2008 Parade of Nations?

They will enter based on the number of brush strokes in the Chinese character(s) for the country.

Write a program in c language to draw a diamond shaped if you give the number?

Hey, It is not the exact logic for a given program. Here i m giving the code with minimum number of executing steps. also i m sure that there doesn't exist any other way to print the same Diamond such that code executing steps will be less than mine. It is not copied from any website, book etc. #include void main() { int n,i,s,k,flagReverce=0; printf("Enter the no. of rows\n"); scanf("%d", &n); for (i=1; i>=1; i++) { for (s=n; s>i; s-) printf(" "); for(k=1; k<(i*2)-1; k++) printf("*") printf("\n") if (i == n) flagReverce = 1 if (flagReverce = 1) i-=2 } }

When was Paul S. Diamond born?

Paul S. Diamond was born in 1953.

How do you code a calculator in python?

An example might be: firstNumber = raw_input("Enter your first number: ") secondNumber = raw_input("Enter your second number: ") operatorChoice = raw_input("What do you wish to do with these numbers? ") if operatorChoice == "-": subtractSum = firstNumber - secondNumber print("Here is your result: %s") % (str(subtractSum)) if operatorChoice == "+": additionSum = firstNumber + secondNumber print("Here is your result: %s") % (str(additionSum)) That's a basic example.

What is the number 80 Pokemon on the pokedex on diamond?

On the sinnoh poekedex (first one) it´s Barboach. On the national pokedex it´s Slowbro.

How do you find your serial number for an Acer Aspire 5100?

There is a white sticker on the underside of my Acer Aspire 5570 that looks like this: MFG.DATE..... long bar code... S/N: a long code with numbers and letters (THIS is the serial number).... SNID: a long code of numbers (this is NOT the serial number) I will repeat, the S/N code IS the serial number...not the SNID.

My gta 4 PC codes do not work the number pad does not work with the phone?

to enter a code, you must take out Nikos phone, by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard twice. once to see the contacts and again to call someone. the code(s) you want to enter should and need to be nine (9) digits long. hope i helped.

How you can get lebara sim puk code?

You will have to contact AT&T and explain to the operator that you need the PUK code for your phone. S/he will ask you what type of phone you own and the IMEI number for your phone. (The IMEI number can be found under the battery in your phone.) The operator will then give you the PUK code. Make sure you record the PUK code somewhere because you will have to enter it into your phone any time your phone is powered off from now on.

How do you see your friend code in Pokemon diamond?

Use your Pal pad(In key items), then select, then it will say(Whatever your name is)'s CODE. Thank you for reading this short paragraph.

How do you catch lunatone on diamond?

you cant u have to trade it or migrate it from s/r/e or by using a AR heres the code 94h3y384y464h

Why gray code is reflective code?

gray code is reflective because 9's complement of any number and 1,s complement of code is same i.e 0 reflect 9 1 reflect 8

How do you use cheats in age of empires 3?

Press the Enter button, then type the cheat code (a good one is "tuck tuck tuck" but without the "'s), then press Enter again ;)

What number is the base used in computers?

Binary code, it's made up of 0's and 1's

How do you enter a code on a car radio if it does not have the number on the preset bottons?

The radio code is input through the preset radio station buttons on the face of Honda factory radio's. If you dont know the code to your radio contact Honda and give them your radio's S/I and other info about your car (ie: make, model, year) and they should be able to read you your radio code.

What is meant by self complementing binary codes?

a binary code is self complementary if complement of any code word is again a code .in self completing codes 9's complement of a number can be obtained by interchanging 0's and 1's.

Write A pseudo code for the problem whether a user entered number is prime or not?

PROGRAM prime_check; VAR n, i, s : integer; flag : boolean; BEGIN writeln('Enter any number'); readln(n); flag := false; s := trunc(sqrt(n*1.0)); FOR i := 2 TO s DO IF ((n MOD i)=0) THEN flag:=false ELSE flag:=true; IF flag=true THEN writeln('It is a Prime number') ELSE writeln('Not a prime number'); END.