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The plug is in the front of the transmission. Get a funnel and fill it up until oil comes out.

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Q: Where do you fill the gear oil in a 200sx 97 manual trany?
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What type of manual trans oil does a 1996 Nissan 200sx use?

Valvoline gear oil 80W-90

What kind of oil goes in a vw jetta 97 manual trany ATF or heavy Gear oil like 80-90W?

Volkswagen recommends Synthetic Gear Lubricant 75W-90. (1.9L)

Where is the transmission oil fill hole on a 1987 Ford Laser?

You have to remove the speedo cable on a manual and fill it there, or if automatic you fill it through the dipstick tube.. The correct level on manual should be just above the white gear.

Where do you put gear oil in a manual transmission?

Most standard transmissions have a fill plug and a drain plug. The fill plug should be found midway on one side of the trans. Check your drivers manual as to what type of fluid goes in there. Many do not use gear oil anymore.

When filling the transmition on a 99 if it is a stick shift does it have to be in gear when you fill up the tranny you did not have it in gear and when you poured in the tranny fluid it was pouring ou?

manual tranny's take gear oil not tranny fluid. you need to get all that fluid out and fill the tranny with 80/90 weight gear oil

Odometer and speedometer both dont work on 1992 jeep what would cause that and how to fix?

Check: Cable to trany, gear in trany, speedo head in cluster

Why wont your 2001 Chevy shift out of first gear?

You proble need a new Trany I would check you fluids ! Check all lines and plugs for the Trany.

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS?

there wont be a tranny dipstick on any vehicle with a manual trans. due to the fact there is gear oil not trany fluid in the trans. but to check the l;evel or to change the gear oil there will be either on the bottom or side of the trans itself 2 plugs. one being a drain plug and the other being a fill/check plug.

What is the gear oil capacity in 1998 jeep Sahara manual transmission?

fill until fluid starts to pour out of the fill hole. Should be around 2.25 bottles.

Where is the gear oil dipstick on a 1986 Ford F150?

Assuming you mean a manual transmission, since you said gear oil, there is not a dipstick on manual transmissions. Look on the side of the transmission. There will be two large nuts to drain and fill. The bottom to drain, the top to fill. You should have your fluid level with the fill plug hole. BTW, I have an 86 F-150 4x4 5.0 EFI and the NP435 4-speed manual transmission.

Why doesn't your 1986 200SX go into fourth gear od?

gearbox stuffed

Where do you add gear oil to a manual transmission 1992 Honda dirt bike?

There is a fill plug on the right top side of the cases.

Jeep tj how to check trany fluid in gear or in park?

The automatic transmission fluid is checked idling in neutral.

If you hit a car in the parking gear and the car moves what does this mean?

you snapped the little pin in the trany. big money

How many quarts of tranny fluid goes in a Ford F-250 20007 with a manual 6 speed tranny?

Okay- Do not put automatic transmission fluid in a manual transmission! You need to put gear oil in a manual transmission. This is usually brown like oil and about 90 weight. Fill gearbox until the level is up to the fill hole but not flowing from the fill hole(as the fill hole is on the side of the gearbox).

Where to add gear oil in Nissan 200SX model 1996?

There is a plug on the from on the tranny on the top. Take a funel, put it in the hole and put the gear oil.

How do you change the transmission fluid on a 1994 Nissan Altima with manual transmission?

drop the tran pan and take out the filter replace the gasket and filter with a new one and rebolt it back up then remove the rim and tire from the drive axle and pull out the fill plug and fill with gear oil The above answer is for an automatic transmission. The manual transmission has a fill plug on the front about two-thirds down, and a drain plug on the bottom. Just remove drain plug, drain out old gear lube, replace drain plug, and fill with 80W90 gear oil until it reaches the fill plug(usually about 2 1/2 qts.)

Is manual gear better than automatic gear?

Yes, manual is better than automatic gears.

Where do you put the gear oil in a manual transmission for a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

should be two plugs on side of tranni, one for drain and other for fill!

How do you charge Lubricating oil to the gear shift in a 91 Ford Escort Lx?

Should be a plug at the side of the manual transmission - fill oil to this level

What amount of gear oil should I put in my manual 1994 Ford Probe GT?

Fill up the transaxle using the large plug on the front side of the case. When the gear oil begins to overflow it is full.

Where do you add transmission fluid gear oil to your manual transmission 1991 Nissan maxima?


Is it necessary to hook up the passing gear on a turbo 400 will it cause any damage to the trany if its left disconected?

It won't hurt anything, you just have to shift into and out of passing gear manually.

Do you check automatic transmission fluid with vehicle in park neutral or drive?

Depends on the make & year of the car. Also depends on whether or not there is a dipstick. If your car does have a dipstick for ATF, check on the dipstick itself for the letter N or P which indicates what gear the trany needs to be in for checking the fluid level. Make sure the engine is running & warm before checking & that the car is sitting on level ground. Check your owner's manual for the type of fluid needed & what gear the trany needs to be in when checking fluid level.

Where do you change the transmission fluid on a 2002 Hyundai Accent?

If it is a manual trany then u have to take off of the driver side tire and there will be a bolt on the transmission take it out and the fluid will come out then put it back in and climb under the car when you look on the front side of the trany there is another bolt 17mm if i remember right take it out u will need about 3-4 q of gear lube put it in and make sure that it is level withe the hole. all of this info is in the owners manual. if u have a 1.5 liter sohc then u have the same car as me